WordPress SEO being the largest platform at present powers a major number of websites. It is scam free, the biggest plus point. If you have a passion for something for instance cooking, photography, tool kits, cosmetics, cookware and electronic gadgets you can write blogs using WordPress SEO and earn money online. What an ease! Isn’t it? Let’s explore some genuine ways of earning money online.

You need to gain some basic knowledge of how to install WordPress and create a domain. Some are chargeable and some are free. Look for discounts to save your pockets. And last but not the least start blogging only if you have an expert knowledge in a particular niche. Else you will end up earning zero and wasting your time and effort.

Do not go for copy paste art. Explore new dimensions of your niche and attract traffic. WordPress is there to do the rest of the job.

1. Draw money through affiliate marketing

When you recommend a particular product or service using a tracking link is called affiliate marketing. All you have to do is share the link of a particular product that you find useful and your audience will find it helpful too.

For example if you are writing a cooking blog share a link of spices, utensils or other kitchen essentials. In your post, add the link so that the viewers get to see it when they visit your blog page. It is just like promoting a product. You will get some commission or gift cards when they click on your link and buy the product. Search for such products in Amazon, Commission Junction, Best Buy, WalMart and ShareASale. Use different tools and plugins that will boost up your earnings.

2. Make use of CPC ads

CPC ads stand for cost per click. Use Google Adsense to display ads. Insert a script from Google to your website and start displaying ads. Whenever any audience clicks on this ad you will receive payment for the same. However the amount is set by the advertiser. Other than Google AdSence try Media.net ads. These are like intermediaries hence you don’t have the control over payments. For detailed study you can refer to tutorials on how to use Google Adsense.

3. Plugins in WordPress can dig more money

WordPress SEO has advertising plugins that bring more traffic to your blog. Though Google Adsense is an easy setup it has a downside. The cash inflow is limited. What is more promising is selling banner ad space on your website. Using a flat rate fee is more convenient than tracking the clicks. In direct selling you have to take the load of administrative work and invoicing as well. But this helps you to set up your own terms and negotiate. Make this process easier by using WordPress add management plugin.

4. Earn by selling sponsored blog posts

This comes to use when bloggers look for monetizing blogs without posting ads. This is because not all audiences prefer ads in the content. Most of them apply ad blockers. When you allow an ad network you cannot control your content totally. The best way to monetize a blog is through sponsorship. The concept of sponsorship is very simple. A company will give you money to represent its product to your audience. To start with, put a one page media kit that contains your traffic, social media followers, details of audience and anything whatever will make your page look impressive to the readers. Keep one thing in mind. Please get well versed with the law of disclosing the ads.

5. Write review and earn from it

Reviews can be paid too. This is not similar to writing reviews or sharing affiliated links. This is more like sharing sponsored posts. You will be benefited with a product related to your niche and will get paid for writing its review. The advantage is if you are writing a product related to your niche your audience will find your review more engaging. To get such payment you have to walk into companies and ask for products. You can also connect to pay per post websites where companies are looking for bloggers who will write reviews of the products to benefit the company.

6. Flip websites to make money

When you are well versed with WordPress SEO websites you are a step ahead of other bloggers. Most of the time company owners look for flourishing websites to promote their products. If you are able to form a WordPress SEO blog and attract traffic to it, then you can draw money from it by selling it. You have to gain knowledge of which websites are in demand and how to sell those for fetching money. You can try websites that auction or brokers for selling price.

7. Make money from paid membership website

Another way of earning money online is restricting your audience. To get access to your content they will have to pay to become a member of your site. Those who are your big fan will pay to become a member to read your work. This calls for your dedication too. You have to maintain a quality of work so that they get premium content. You have to retain this to make money. The collection of subscriptions is easy using WordPress plugins. There is a MemberPress plugin that is user friendly and the most effective membership plugin. The WordPress SEO is a wonderful platform to help you start earning money.

8. The super idea of private forum

Private forum has to be created using WordPress SEO plugin. This is like a paid membership site. To get access the readers will have to bear a charge. They can communicate with you as well as other members. This expands the network and invites more readers which means an increase in subscription. Thus set up a forum in your site and earn some recurring revenue.

9. Benefits of Q and A Community

Quora and Stack Exchange is a popular example of Q and A online community. This type of community is highly engaging and encourages active participation of members. Building a sizable community is time taking. But once it’s done it will be a gold mine for you. You can post ads, links to monetize your blog. Once you are popular you will attract advertisers to promote their products. You will get more chances to negotiate and earn extra perks. Feel the advantages of WordPress SEO.

10. Advantages of directory

WordPress SEO allows you to create a directory where you can make money by charging visitors who want to advertise their listing on your site. Though generic web directories are not much popular these days, local and niche directories are highly recommended. This works by gathering reviews of local business, sharing podcasts and listing top products of a particular niche. View some tutorials to use WordPress for creating web directories. There are a good number of plugins that will help you to raise money through subscription.

11. The good job of job board

Creating a paid job board is a marvelous idea to dig money. For this you have to remain specific to a niche. If you do this anyone who is looking for a job in a specific field will easily get hooked to it and face less competition. Established blogs are more useful for this. WordPress makes it easy. Learn the steps through some good tutorials.

12. Charges of events can help you make money

Create an event calendar and charge from people. This works best for industry bound websites. Advertise events in your local city, conferences, webinars or live streaming events. Check for the best WordPress plugins for creating events. WordPress SEO helps to maximize earning by optimizing webpages.

13. Ebooks can be sold too

Ebooks are digital products. Ebooks are easily written and produced. If you are an experienced blogger you can create your ebook in a few simple steps. Take your old content and convert it into a book. Once the chapters are selected do some unique design using the software Canva. Once done convert it into PDF. This again is easy through the WordPress plugin.

14. Selling online course can maximize your profit

Make money online by selling courses. Gone are the traditional days of tutions. These are largely replaced by online classes and digital content. This is more costlier than your Ebooks. You can charge a huge amount for your expertise. Organize the content lesson wise and add other materials like slides, links, and templates or downloads. You can give additional support to the learners.

This will require you to publish content in two parts- one the basics which can be done without support and the other one is with email support. Once it’s fully organized you can apply an LMS plugin (learning management system) to reach out your audience .MemberPress is the best for this as it has a built-in course builder.

15. Become the host of a paid webinar

Webinar is an effective way to attract an audience. In this platform you can share your experience and knowledge. Host a webinar and grow your business by leaps and bounds. It is very similar to online courses but it is a live show. In online courses the students have the room for learning at their own pace but in webinar you have to involve along with your audience. It has a question answer format too. WordPress SEO optimizes such paid webinars.

Here are some webinar software supported by WordPress. Go for Livestorm that supports 3 types of webinar such as on demand, live video, and automated. This is compatible with all browsers such as Google, firefox, and safari. Another popular one is GoToWebinar. This has the feature to schedule pre-recorded webinars. Some other major features are live streaming, templates, polling, recording, event management and custom registration.

EasyWebinar is a popular platform for marketers where they get high quality video, real time chat, multiple presenters, recordings, screen sharing and more. Another automated platform is Stealth Seminar. Use it for running pre recorded webinars which eliminates network issues. You can go live with YouTube also. The most trending one is Zoom. This is the best for online meetings. Most attractive feature of Zoom is the high video quality. Pole, chat and screen sharing are other useful features.

This is an effective platform for online teaching too as it has whiteboard and annotation tools. Zoom is compatible with WordPress websites. This allows you to use WPForms and Automator Plugin. Demio is software that the marketers can use without downloading any software. Participants can join with a single click. Upload your presentation slide and go live with webcam and screen sharing. GetResponse is primarily an email marketing service which has expanded its webinar feature to facilitate marketing. Take a follow up from your audience through polls, surveys, call-to-action, and interactive whiteboards.


1. How to select the right way of making money online?

WordPress SEO optimizes all webpages. But the selection of money earning methods is right. This is more related to your niche and type of audience you have. Affiliate marketing, paid membership and sponsorship works great with almost all niche and audience.

2. How much money can be earned through blogging?

This can be answered through the proverb Rome was not built in a day. This calls for time and effort. Earning will grow in due course. But patience and perseverance matters. You have to upgrade your knowledge and keep up the spirit. Keep yourself safe from scam and set out with WordPress.

3. How to start?

Blogging with WordPress is very simple. Go to WordPress.org to post your blog. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting account. This is chargeable. Once done you have to install WordPress and start posting your blogs. Make use of plugins that will monetize your blog. Hope this guide is useful for you. All the very best and get set!

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