How to manage currencies in HikaShop ?

HikaShop supports all the existing currencies. It has a currency manager so that you can tweak each currency. It also has a currency switcher module if you want to allow your users to change the current currency. And finally, it has a system to automatically update...

How to add products in Joomla’s articles ?

Hikashop product insertion/translation plugins are functionalities which will allow you to display your Hikashop products through your Joomla articles. By this way, you’ll be able to create Joomla articles about your “favorite/most popular/..” products and easily...

How to using points with HikaShop ?

The Hika components are compatible with several point systems. The first one is Alpha User Points and the second is the “user_points” custom field. Thanks to it, you can use points in your HikaShop store in different ways. To have the different user points...


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