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Curt Lance asked 1 year ago
Article Template
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I have made a transparencyy of our VFW national logo and our Post Banner at the top… I have it stored in a Master Media File…. I want the articles I write for the site to use the transparent background on all the articles we use….. We have tried doing this several ways, but all have been unseccessful. The transparency is at about 70% and is set at about the 8″ X 11″ size for a normal piece of paper. I would like to be able to simply open the master template for “Articles” and start entering text over the transparency… I am hoping you can help me with this… I am working on a new joomla 3.8 site and want to get this working for the new site…. I do not want the background transparency to move, but act as a transparent background for a full page as you scroll……I am finding the new 3.8 much more difficult than my old 1.5 version… our old site is and if you need access to the work site – just let me know and I will get you the info… The other major issue I am hacing is having a site template I can work easily with… i.e. put in the header, the footer, a menu that accordions, a donate and social media buttons… I will add pictures, videos, mp3 audio in the respective articles that will be posted on the new site…. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. you can reach me at

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adminadmin Staff answered 1 year ago
Answer for Article Template
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Thanks for your info.
Joomla! just released version 3.8.1 and going to launch 4.x in this year, so I recommend you make new update or re-build with Joomla! 3.x system ASAP.
For template customize from us, we already have document with details instruction how to do it for each template. You just unzip download package, read the document file, so you can know it.


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