Can´t see the template on the site LT Wedding

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsCan´t see the template on the site LT Wedding
AvatarAndy W asked 5 years ago

Have problems to see the Template on my site, the site was hosted on local host, i have a screen.

Kelvinadmin Staff replied 5 years ago


AvatarRich Fil replied 5 years ago

How was it solved? I’m getting the same thing with a free version I installed

Kelvinadmin Staff replied 5 years ago

Just open file 'template.css', go to line 2046 and remove CSS below<br><br>body.homepage #sp-main-body-wrapper { <br>display: none;<br>}

AvatarDiogo Ferreira replied 4 years ago

I removed the line in 2046, and still not resolved.<br>

Kelvinadmin Staff replied 4 years ago

You just open file 'template.css' and go to line 2219 and remove CSS below<br><br>#sp-menu ul li.first, .sp-mobile-menu ul li.first { <br>display: none;<br>}<br><br>Because you do not use sample data, so you won't have any data, and you must to put it by yourself. If you want to use Quickstart package, consider go with Pro version.Thank you,

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