Changing Template.css not working

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsChanging Template.css not working
AvatarWil Linders asked 2 months ago

Have a very strange problem. I’m using template LT_baby_shop with Joomla version 3.9.13.
I want to change the template.css file: 
.sp-megamenu-parent >li >a {
display: inline-block;
padding: 0 15px;
line-height: 90px;
font-size: 12px;
text-transform: uppercase;
letter-spacing: 1px;
color: #000;
I changed the line-height from 90px to 15px and saved the template.css file
When I load the template.css file it seems ok with 15px line-height
When I start the webbrowser I can see that the change didn’t work it is still 90px line-height.
When I retrieve the file in joomla template the line height is set back to 90px???
Anyone a suggestion? Please help
I have disabled caching in the joomla system settings and disabled the cache plugin (default)
Regards Wil

1 Answers
KelvinKelvin Staff answered 2 months ago

Thank you for your details, can you send me your site URL to check?

AvatarWil Linders replied 2 months ago

The website name is:

What I observed is that a cache file is opened which includes the bootstrap.min.css

The template.css which is included in this file still gives 90px in template.css

Even when I clean the cache and delete the file and the changes the line to 15px it still uses the 90px line. Looks like it resets it to a default which is 90px.

I even reinstalled the template from scratch and edited the file using the filemanager of directadmin, but still no succes.

Regards and thank you for the help,

Wil Linders

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 2 months ago

I do not recommend you change CSS direct via original files, but add more custom CSS via Template Settings > Custom Code, field “Custom CSS code”.
In your case, just add more CSS
.sp-megamenu-parent >li >a {
line-height: 15px;


AvatarWil Linders replied 2 months ago

Thank you for teh advise. It’s working now. I only don’t understand why it doesn’t work by changing template.css, which is normal to do for my oter templates I’m using.

Thanks for solving my problem!

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 2 months ago

You’re welcome ­čÖé

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