LT_FOOD_COURT change color

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Greet Hofkens asked 3 months ago
LT_FOOD_COURT change color
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I’m using the LT_FOOD_COURT and I want to change the color.  
In the “LT Food Court Joomla! template documentation” is mentioned the following:
“We defined 4 color presets for template, you can select existing color you want. In case you want to make new color for your own, just open file “preset[x].css” with “x” is color preset number that you’re using, search for main color code and replace all to new color code”
I change it but the color is still the same.
What can I do?

1 Answers
adminadmin Staff answered 3 months ago
Answer for LT_FOOD_COURT change color
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Could you please let me know your site address? So, I can help.

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