LTSoccer Quix Countdown Time not working

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsLTSoccer Quix Countdown Time not working
AvatarBenjamin Knoth asked 3 weeks ago

Hello, I noticed that I should be able to set a Date and Time for the Countdown. Sadly I can only set the Date…
During my research I did notice that if I I change “type = time” to “type = date” in the config file, I’m able to enter a second Date.
Does someone know if there maybe is a different variable for time?
Thanks in advance!
Best Regards,

2 Answers
KelvinKelvin Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Thank you for your info.
Could you please send me your site URL to check?

AvatarBenjamin Knoth replied 3 weeks ago

Hello Kelvin, sadly I can not send you a URL right now, the site is still running on localhost for development.
Could I maybe in a different way provide you the things that you need?

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Can you send me reference link that you found and applied to change countdown function in quix?

AvatarBenjamin Knoth replied 3 weeks ago

Hello, I did not find any reference link. I checked the module and files myself and tested what would happen if I replace “time” with “date”.

KelvinKelvin Staff answered 2 weeks ago

You can send me some screenshot about your change with this module, so I can help.

AvatarBenjamin Knoth replied 2 weeks ago

Okay. I can do that later, sure. I made no big changes and reversed everything besides the language back to original.
Maybe you could open a case with Quix? Maybe they know why it is not working correctly…

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your update. Sure, it’s not big issue, so please skip and continue your work. We noted it for our development team, we will recheck this issue since it related to some custom with code.

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