Mega menu on mobile not showing?

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsMega menu on mobile not showing?
Avatarcarly coussens asked 5 years ago
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Hi guys – I’ve been getting on great with my website using your Creative Onepage template, but I’ve noticed that no menu appears on my smartphone, or when I resize my browser down to phone size. On my iPad (same happens in desktop browser when I make the window approximately tablet size) the menu collapses to a blue icon with 3 lines – this is fine, but if the screen goes smaller, the menu icon disappears completely. I’ve noticed the same thing happens on your live demo for this theme.
Is there a way to have a menu on phones? This is kind of important for my site because I added a blog & other pages. Should I maybe add another menu in a position that only shows on mobile?

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