New page only shows homepage data

SupportCategory: Wordpress Template QuestionsNew page only shows homepage data
Todd Page asked 2 weeks ago
New page only shows homepage data
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I created a now page and put some test data in it. When I preview or go to the page, it is the same as the home page without the backgrounds or the test data I have for the page. I looked at other pages and to see about a setting I might be missing, but everything looks correct. 

adminadmin Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your info.
Please submit ticket support with your site address, admin login, so our staff can help.

Todd Page replied 2 weeks ago

Submitted. just notice this question was posted twice??

adminadmin Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Just focus to your ticket support, I assigned your task to our developer, we will finish it for you on tomorrow (next 24 hours).
So sorry it’s weekend so we have slow response.


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