Still waiting for issue to be resolved with LT Game slider

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsStill waiting for issue to be resolved with LT Game slider
AvatarRobert Wall asked 2 years ago
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Hi I purchased the LT Game template  about a week ago and have had a support ticket open for a few days now which remains unopened. I bought the template as I liked the look and layout of it however I am having problems with the JO K2 Slider.  I can not configure it all all, I always get the error “Call to undefined method K2HelperHTML::loadjQuery()”.  Now this module is an important part if the site as it lists the latest news, I have tried to reinstall this mod but same problem occurs.  I have looked for other sliders but none that I can see have the same layout.  Please can I have help actually getting this to work?   I bought the template assuming it was a working feature, and to suggest I find another slider isnt very practical.  I cannot go live with my website until this is fixed and Ive been waiting nearly 3 days for this issue to be resolved.  I paid $39 for the template which was installed by myself and was supposed to include support

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