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AvatarRoushdy Al-Shawwa asked 7 years ago

I watched an online video shows that using mojo-themes I can take any part of the module to my site.
from LT-Business joomla theme – There are two parts that I would like to transfer to my website  (screenshot attached),
The question is, how to take these two parts to my website ?
I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Thanks & regards,

1 Answers
KelvinKelvin Staff answered 7 years ago

I hope you understand this, we do not provide the customization for part of template or bring some part of template to another template since your template do not support and have fully libraries and framework like in our template.
Thank you,

AvatarRoushdy Al-Shawwa replied 7 years ago


What you have mentioned in your adds is something else – it shows that I don’t need any technical skills to develop or move parts of my website,

All what i’m asking is the HTML code to past it in my website.

Two quesitons:
1- if you don’t support such a simple stuff – what kind of support do you provide ?
2- I will try to find your adds (which said its supported), would you please provide me the needful support after post your add. here ?

Looking foward to hearing from you.

Thanks & regards,

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 7 years ago


We provide support service for our customer about the configuration of template. In your case, you’re using another template, so it’s not compatible with css in our template. I said you before, if you want to make some parts in our template and bring it to your template, you should find a freelancer to do it.

I hope you understand for this.

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