Two factor authentication problem

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsTwo factor authentication problem
AvatarRoman Ulzetuev asked 2 months ago

Hi! Can’t get into administrator page.
I have lost my phone with secret key but remember Username and password. How can I disable Two factor authentication to get into site back end?
My domain is “”. Can you help? I can give you Username and password if it works. 
Best regards. 
PS. Why don’t your templates open up?  When I try to view live demo for a new Template – any, it just doesn’t find a page and can’t open it. 

AvatarRoman Ulzetuev replied 2 months ago


AvatarRoman Ulzetuev replied 2 months ago

Tried to view on 3 browsers and the same

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 2 months ago

You can uninstall plugin called “twofactorauth” by rename it, follow this guide

For our demo sites issue, can you let me know details link? It’s very important if it’s issue with our live demo. Thank you!

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