Vote in article did not work

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsVote in article did not work
AvatarThomas Lehmann asked 3 weeks ago

i would like to use the joomla vote function in article. But it it not working. In the Browser Debug Console (Chrome) i’ll get an error:
Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1
You can reprodude the issue on your own demo page:
Can you please check this and find i way to get it working ?

2 Answers
KelvinKelvin Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your info. Look like it’s a bug and I reported to our development team, we will fix it asap and release on next update. Also, if you need patch fix soon, just let me know so I can send it for you after our team fix it.

AvatarThomas Lehmann answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Kelvin, 
Thank you for your fast reply. If the development team have a fix for that I would like to implement it because I need that asap on my productive page. 

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