Why home links does not show up?

SupportCategory: Joomla! Template QuestionsWhy home links does not show up?
AvatarYu Yu asked 5 years ago

Hi Everyone,
I am using LT Start UP free one page joomla template in my localhost for trial and learning purpose.
However I do not have an idea why Home menu and both Level 2.1 (Under Level 1.1 Group A and Level 1.2 Group B) menus do not show up. I downloaded another one “LT Pro Business” and no luck :(.
Can somebody give me idea how to solve it?
I have menu structure like these:
Level 1.1 Group A
— Level 2.1
— Level 2.2
— Level 2.3
Level 1.2 Group B
— Level 2.1
— Level 2.2

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