If you are willing to start a website, there are numerous steps to be done so it eventually is up and works well, bringing you success and prosperity. In short, the site has to be hosted, to be written, and to be managed. To solve the first task, it’s a great idea to rent vps. What about the last one, one of the widely-used and reliable solutions is using the WordPress content management system. To use it efficiently, it’s very useful to have the corresponding instance installed on your PC, to have a virtual environment that will allow you to test the modifications of your website locally. In this regard, there is a great solution called InstantWP, so, let’s have a look at what this is, what can you do with it, and how to use it.

Some words about Worpress

InstantWP is an auxiliary tool for working specifically with WordPress CMS. Let’s have a quick look at it before going further. 

WordPress is one of the oldest and most trusted CMS on the market, that was introduced in 2003 as a tool for managing blogs and eventually extended to a CMS for all kinds of websites, being in continuous development and improvement. It is used by millions of websites around the world with 76.4% of CMS market share.

The WordPress’ popularity is in many ways due to:

  • its usability – it has been around for a long time, so the developers know well, what their users need, – which includes easy setup and a user-friendly interface; 
  • its SEO-friendliness, including various features for promoting your website in search engine rankings; 
  • its ability to set up a responsive web design, that will be well visible on all devices;
  • and of course, the fact that it’s completely free.

Now, let’s move on to the features of the article’s protagonist, InstantWP.

Why use InstantWP

InstantWP is a special desktop client for performing all possible kinds of operations related to WordPress even while being offline. The main feature of InstantWP is that it allows you to develop and test sites, all in an extremely convenient and user-friendly interface. Another essential benefit of InstantWP is that it’s by default portable – you don’t even need to install it, you can just have it on your USB stick and start managing your website from any device at any time, even if there is no internet connection.

In addition to that, InstantWP includes a built-in web server, database, and PHP, which means that users can run WordPress on their local computer without the need for additional software or servers. This makes it easy for users to develop, test, and experiment with WordPress without the risk of breaking a live website.

How to start working with InstantWP?

First, you should download the archive with the application from the official website of the developer. Then, unpack it and run. Before launching it, it might be worth turning off your antivirus and firewall to avoid a possible false positive.
Then find Start-InstantWP.bat in the archive. Run it to initialize InstantWP, which will open once the initialization is finished.

How to use InstantWP

WordPress is preinstalled into InstantWP, which allows it to start working with it as soon as InstantWP is ready to use.

If you look at the program interface, you’ll encounter the following tabs:

  1. WordPress Frontpage, which will direct you to your website’s homepage.
  2. WordPress Admin. That’s what you need to log in.
  3. Themes Folder. Allows you to manage themes for your website.
  4. Plugin Folder. Allows you to manage plugins.
  5. MySQL Admin. Accessing the tool for working with databases.
  6. Help. Additional information on how to use the program.

Benefits of InstantWP

Let’s summarize the main benefits of InstantWP.

  • Portability. InstantWP is fully portable which means that it doesn’t affect the registry of the computer, and doesn’t require special installation. Also, you can bring a copy of your site with you along with InstantWP to work with your website everywhere and at any time, even without an internet connection. 
  • Usability. InstantWP works based on a simple intuitive and user-friendly interface, that allows you to access all the necessary features without spending much time figuring out how the application works.
  • Documentation. InstantWP is supported by various guides and has a vast community, so if any issues, you’ll always have ways of solving them quickly and on your own.
  • It’s free. InstantWP is distributed completely free under the GPL v3 license.

As for drawbacks, 

  • InstantWP is aimed at working with one domain only.
  • InstantWP is exclusive for WordPress CMS, which is pretty logical, but still, keep it in mind in case you are considering the use of other CMS.
  • If English isn’t your mother tongue, you won’t find any other language versions for it.
  • Regardless of the app’s user-friendliness, it will still require a bit of technical savvy, especially if you are going to benefit from its more advanced features.

Summing up, InstantWP copes perfectly with its tasks. Convenient, practical, and versatile, it’s a must-have tool for the web-developers working with WordPress. We hope this brief guide has revealed everything you wanted to know about this software solution and now you are fully ready to start developing your website on WordPress. Thank you for your attention, take care!

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