Animations and video are some of the most engaging components used in online marketing today. We see numerous videos either filmed or using animation to bring product or service selling points to the attention of consumers. Video animations can get the message across faster, and if executed correctly, it is also more memorable than a text copy advertisement.

Meanwhile, there are some people that just don’t want to read lengthy content with descriptions to get acquainted with products or services—the reading for this group of people often comes later. As a result, when you design a professional website, always consider how you will incorporate animations and how the animations will help your business not only attract new customers and sales but also repeat sales and brand loyalty.

When should you use animation on your website?

Your website is part of your online marketing strategy. It may seem that your social media, paid ads, and press release campaigns are your key digital marketing components, but all these third-party software tools are there for a specific reason, and that is to drive traffic to your website. That means they are all pointing to your website, making it your primary online marketing tool!

Catch people’s eye using simple animations: When visitors hit your website, the aim is to direct them to specific information, and one of the best ways to do that is by using animations. Moving parts naturally draw the eye. For example, you may have a promotion with a 20% discount on the first order—you can bring this to the attention of your website visitors inside a stand-alone banner with animated effects that catches their eye.

Something as simple as the earth with an airplane flying around it and a banner attached to the back saying ‘Sign up and get 20% off your first order’. If you want to go further, you can now get pop out images too. These are 3D animations that literally emerge from within an image and jump outside, which certainly catches the eye. This could be used on your website if you have an array of services and you want one to stand out in particular.

Using animations as explainer videos: Often the best way to introduce the top-level benefits of a service or product your business offers via the website is to use animated explainer videos. You can have the video at the top of your service page and then set the video to ‘instant play’ so as soon as someone opens that page, they can immediately engage with your animated video.

Try to think of an explainer video as something similar to an infographic. Although an infographic condenses information into one image to help customers absorb ‘quick facts’ and ‘unique selling points’, they both still have similar traits. Explainer videos build a picture in the viewer’s head. It is almost like laying out a map that takes the viewer (potential customer) on a step-by-step journey of the product/service.

To explain complex services: Animation explainer videos are popular, especially within the marketing industry itself, to sell digital marketing services. In a complex world of traffic analytics, stats, and multiple platforms, a short, animated explainer video can quickly put together the jigsaw of various marketing tools turning a complex subject into an organised process in the customer’s mind. It could be a standalone landing page that introduces the service before the site visitor moves onto infographics and text explaining the service further. Now the customer is thinking, ‘ok, that’s how it works—and these guys and gals can do it all for me!’.

Ultimately, the animated video needs to solve complexities from the consumer’s point of view looking from the outside in. A little like a salesperson trained to break down ‘obstacles’ used by consumers as a reason ‘not’ to buy and turn them into a ‘reason to buy’.

How can you incorporate animations into your website?

First, you will need to make sure your website can incorporate video in such a way that it does not negatively affect responsiveness on mobile or desktop. There is nothing worse than having a customer visit a badly organised website, which also does not speak wonders for your brand image either.

As a result, you need to make sure you have the tools and/or resources to design a professional website. Website design options available today are quite flexible, and you do not have to break the bank to design a professional website.

There are website builders out there that allow you to control where your videos go, where infographics will appear, and the position of text. You can deliver information about your product or services in stages on a single web page with animations there to attract attention and to explain what your business is offering.

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