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When people think of water extensive activities, few people think about web design. However, if you have a good number of employees, chances are they are using a lot of water. Your processes might use more power and water than you think, or there may be inefficiencies in your building that cause you to use more water than you’d like. Let’s take a look at what a business water audit is and why your web design agency needs one.

What is a Business Water Audit?

When someone performs a water audit on your premises, they will look at your true water consumption and suggest ways that you can limit it. Even if you’ve taken steps already, chances are that you missed something. A business water auditor could propose simple solutions you may not have thought of. For instance, doing something as simple as adding aerators to taps or flow restrictors could make a major difference. 

Now, why exactly would you want to have a water audit performed?

Do You Offer Perks to Your Employers?

Maybe you have a refreshment station at the office, or a gym space with lockers and showers. Many workplaces will have lockers and showers whether they have a gym or not. These are all great perks to offer employees, but they can consume water as well. Adding something like low flow showerheads could instantly cut your overall water consumption and will immediately reflect on your water bill at the end of the year.

And, if you want to save even more, we strongly suggest you start shopping around for water suppliers. There is no reason to stay with one supplier your whole life if you’re getting no benefit from it. Looking at other options will allow you to make savings or give you something to bring to the table when negotiating rates. If you are still not convinced about the benefits of a Business Water Audit, Utility Bidder has an informative article on the subject. This will inform you of some of the signs that you may need to have one performed.

You May be Able to Improve Water Quality

Staying hydrated is important for any team, and you have to make sure that you offer your employees the best quality water possible. Know that you can ask for the quality of your water to be tested as well. Bad water can leave your employees sluggish and even make some sick, causing them to take time off. Performing regular audits will make sure that you reduce the risk of contamination.

Are You Presenting Yourself as Green?

Having regular water and energy audits performed is essential if you’re presenting yourself as an eco-friendly web design agency. Having an audit will allow you to make the corrective steps necessary to follow through on your promise.

So, if you still were on the fence about water audits, or were unsure about their benefits, hopefully this has convinced you to have one performed. This will help you spot inefficiencies and lower your overall operating costs.

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