Joomla Template Installation Guide

How to install Joomla template package?

How to install Joomla template Quickstart package (full website like demo)?

Joomla! Template Change Guides

How to change site identify (logo, menu, header, copyright,..)?

How to update Navigation Menu via Template Options of Joomla templates?

How to change Color Presets in Joomla templates?

Customize Site Layout Position for Joomla templates with Layout Builder?

How to change site Typography (Font) for Joomla templates?

How to add Custom Codes (CSS/JS and other codes) for Joomla templates?

How to edit Blog (Article Listing) page for Joomla templates?

How to enable compress files, SCSS and export Template Settings in Joomla templates?

How to edit Page body content in Joomla templates with SP Page Builder?

Control Off Canvas Menu in LT Business Joomla template?

Managing K2 extension in Joomla templates

Editing Bottom and Footer (copyright) in Joomla template?

Editing Slider content with Unite Slider in Joomla templates

Editing Social Icons & Head Top Contact Info in Joomla templates?

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