Update Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4


Upgrade task from Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4 is a simple task, you can follow this guide and do it by yourself without issue. But it’s only when you have fresh Joomla! 3 systems with your template/extensions ready with Joomla! 4. Otherwise, you will get many problems during working with this upgrade task.

So, we provide upgrade service for Joomla! 3 versions of Joomla! 4. With exp for more than 100 sites that worked with this upgrade, we can do it smoothly without any issues, keep all your data and layout from Joomla! 3.

The upgrade J3 to J4 task will includes:

  • Check the PHP version, make sure that you’re using PHP 7.4.x or higher to fit with system requirements for Joomla! 4.
  • Create a full backup and set up it from the sub domain or our server for upgrade tasks.
  • Check all extensions (modules, components, plugins) and make sure that it supports Joomla! 4. Otherwise, we must move to another similar or disable it.
  • Check the Template version and framework if it’s Joomla! 4 ready template. Otherwise, we need to update or change it. If you use our service, we can give you one license (PRO) for free from our Joomla 4 templates list.
  • Update Joomla! 3.x to the latest version of Joomla! 3 version.
  • Do test update and debug with error report, repeat these steps and solve all issues faced.
  • Send it to the testing department to test everything in the new Joomla! 4 system.
  • Send it to the client to review, if everything is okay, replace it with a live website.

If you need an update service, just fill a form below, we will get back to you with price and duration for this task shortly.

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