In an age when digital media is quickly overtaking traditional cable television, online TV has emerged as an ultimate alternative. As classic broadcasters still hold their relevance through exclusive rights to live content, this option combines all the pros of both old-school TV and modern streaming services. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • On-demand content. Most online TV providers allow you to watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you want, either through extensive libraries or DVR capabilities.
  • Personalized packages. Even though cable providers offer some leeway with various channel packages, most online TV services provide even more personalization to optimize your package and budget.
  • No cable boxes or contracts. Cumbersome cable boxes and long-term contracts are a thing of the past. Internet television doesn’t require proprietary gadgets and constraining long-term contracts.
  • Multi-device compatibility. Since online television is software-based, you can take full advantage of typical television on virtually any streaming-capable device. From smart TVs or PCs to even smartphones and tablets.

Take a look and vote for the most popular and well-defined online TV options every cordcutter is raving about right now. 

YouTube TV

Channels: 100+
4K streaming:
Yes (only with 4K Plus add-on)
from $64.99/month

YouTube TV is one of the first live online television providers which brought this type of TV enjoyment into the mainstream in 2017. It offers an extremely simplistic user interface coupled with an extensive channel lineup, including all the biggest sports channels. In fact, it’s one of the best options for football fans, since it’s the only place to get the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Even though a few online TV providers now offer unlimited DVR capabilities, YouTube TV was the first one to break the limits. On top of that, it’s seamlessly integrated with other Google services, which makes it super flexible and available on pretty much any device that can play YouTube. However, some local broadcasts are restricted to certain US states, so you might need to do a few tricks to unlock all YouTube TV channels in your region.

Amazon Prime Video

Channels: 100+
4K streaming:
from $8.99/month

More than a mere e-commerce perk, Amazon Prime Video, bundled with Amazon Prime, stands out as a content powerhouse for cordcutters. This service packs an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and world-renowned exclusive content. It also caters to diverse audiences by using an advanced Netflix-like recommendation algorithm to personalize everyone’s viewing experience.

Of course, we wouldn’t talk about it, if Prime Video wasn’t also offering live TV channels, which can be added as standalone add-ons to your current plan. While taking numerous single channels could bloat the subscription price above its competitors, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a particular channel instead of unnecessarily huge packages. So while it may not be a top pick for everyone, it is a lucrative option for a specific niche. 

Hulu + Live TV

Channels: 90+
4K streaming:
No (available for on-demand content)
from $69.99/month

As an extension of the wildly popular Hulu service, Hulu + Live TV combines an impressive on-demand library with live TV channels, offering a comprehensive all-in-one streaming solution. Exclusive partnerships, current-season TV shows, and critically acclaimed Hulu Originals give a unique touch, which adds up to a well-rounded entertainment package. But what about the TV options?

A noteworthy aspect of Hulu + Live TV is that users can create multiple individual profiles, each with their own set of personalized content suggestions and viewing history. A miniscule drawback is its limit of only 2 simultaneous streams per subscription, but it still adds some level of flexibility for the whole household. Finally, as of April 2022, Hulu + Live TV subscribers can finally use cloud DVR with no limits for any broadcast recordings.  


Channels: 200+
4K streaming:
from $74.99/month

Fubo is a leading online live TV service that primarily focuses on sports content, making it a top choice for any variety of sports enthusiasts. Fubo offers a comprehensive range of sports channels, including live coverage of major leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Of course, in addition to sports, Fubo offers a solid assortment of entertainment and news channels, catering to a wider audience.

A major plus for the service is its support for 4K streaming straight out of the box. Fubo also offers a cloud DVR feature, which is perfect for sports fans to record games and other content for later viewing. Moreover, Fubo provides subscribers with the option to add specific premium channels and packages to their subscriptions for advanced customization.

DirecTV Stream

Channels: 75+
4K streaming: Select channels
from $64.99/month

Building on its traditional satellite service, AT&T’s DirecTV offers an online streaming option with a variety of channel packages. First, DirecTV Stream features extensive sports coverage, with access to a broad range of sports channels, like ESPN, Fox Sports, or NBA TV. The service also provides access to some of the most premium channels, including HBO, Showtime, and Comedy Central, offering a diverse range of high-quality content at any given moment.

DirecTV Stream also offers some impressive bonuses as well. One of them is unlimited simultaneous DVR recordings, a feature shared only by YouTube TV as of now. Additionally, DirecTV Stream allows for unlimited simultaneous streams within a single household. This means that everyone in the family can watch their preferred content on different devices at the same time, eliminating any unnecessary conflicts over the TV remote.

Sling TV

Channels: 30+
4K streaming:
from $40.00/month

Sling TV is a flexible and fairly affordable online live TV service that provides users with simple streamlined plans like Orange, Blue, and the bundle including both. Sling Orange includes channels like ESPN and Disney, focusing on sports enthusiasts and families seeking diverse entertainment options. The Blue plan offers channels such as CNN and Fox, prioritizing news coverage for a broader audience.

Another noteworthy aspect of Sling TV is its feature called “A La Carte TV,” which allows you to add individual channels or small bundles to your current lineup. Sports Extra is a popular option, featuring NBA TV, NHL Network, and beIN Sports, while News Extra expands the news coverage with BBC News, MSNBC, and more. However, keep in mind you can watch Orange channels on only one device at a time, with the Blue plan increasing it to three simultaneous streams.

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