Let’s use the most powerful Joomla Content Link Extension to create high-quality content for your site. The collection below will help you select the most suitable extension to achieve your goals.

As a webmaster, you always want your visitors to stay longer on your site. Therefore, it is necessary for you to encourage them to read other content by creating a sophisticated network of internal links. In this today collection, we provide you some Joomla Content Link Extension and hope that you can choose the best one.

JExtBOX Page Navigation Plus [Free Download]

Jextbox Page Navigation Plus

JExtBOX Page Navigation Plus is a great Joomla Content Link Extension that enables you to enhance the next and previous function of your article. Moreover, it also allows you to insert the parent pages as well as alter the direction from the next article to the previous articles.

Provided features:

  • Style with Twitter Bootstrap
  • “Core plugin” options
  • Custom text for Parent Page
  • Parent Page Link
  • Parent Page Types
  • Direction


  • Very easy to use
  • Very quick response
  • Clear documentation

Brain Image Link

BrainImageLink is one of the most powerful Joomla Article Display Module that allows you to display a linked picture on your Joomla site. This is a super user-friendly tool for your clients.

Provided features:

  • Display a linked picture
  • Fluid/Responsive
  • Joomla 3 ready


  • Stable responsive functionality
  • Works great

Responsive Wow 3D Effect [Paid Download]

Responsive Wow 3D Effect

Here is a 3D box which includes the hidden part and hidden part. It also allows you to show pictures as well as backside related information. Furthermore, this extension also you a possibility of linking to any particular internal as well as external webpages.

Provided features:

  • Control oversize / color
  • Control Over the number of boxes/box image
  • Back part Link option
  • Working with Mobile/tablet and any device
  • Rotate your Favorite box


  • Fast and accurate
  • Good price
  • Easy to function

POWr Button [Free Download]

Powr Button

POWr Button enables you to connect to different sites and get more traffic to your social media account. You can also select your own text and color scheme, insert modern look to your site and edit in your web page without required any coding or programming.

Provided features:

  • Supports text
  • Custom animations
  • Hover effects, and shadows
  • Adjustable sizing and spacing
  • Custom fonts, colors, backgrounds
  • Easily link to any page


  • Easy to understand
  • A definable button

Code 7 Simple Content Link

Here is a user-friendly extension that gives you a possibility of using links which consists of both pictures and text as boxes of extra content.  In case the code is out of reach, this helps users to be able to change the pictures, the link as well as captions in an easy way.

Provided features:

  • Use links that contain both images and text
  • Alter the image, the caption and the link itself

J51 – Icons [Free Download]

J51 - Icons

J51 – Icons is a Joomla Content Link Extension that enables you to place a set of icon quickly and easily. This extension also consists of great support which is used for several common icon sets such as Typicons and FontAwesome. It also provides you more than 1300+ scalable vector icons that you can choose from.

Provided features:

  • A Joomla51 Creation
  • 1300+ Icons
  • Title & Caption with each Icon
  • Responsive Design
  • Supporting FontAwesome
  • Pixeden Stroke 7, Typicons and Bicon Icon Sets

Scroll To Internal Links

Scroll to Internal Links is a great Joomla Article Display Module that you can use to connect your text internally. Besides, it also enables you to use Tutorial Page, FAQ page as well as  Links and Texts page. It is also very lightweight and very easy to use.

Provided features:

  • Interlink your texts
  • Use on the FAQ page
  • Tutorial Page, Links & Texts page
  • Adjust scroll speed
  • Use for many sites
  • Link your texts internally

Super Link Preview - Joomla Content Link Extension

This extension allows you to generate link preview for your sites such as social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, so on) while you post a link. Moreover, it also fetches the title, description, pictures and then show it in your site beautifully.

Provided features: 
  • Tag rename
  • Failback image
  • Parameters override in the tag
  • Image width parameter
  • Template for tag
  • Template for Popup
  • Catching requests for speed optimizing
  • Rel follow
  • Screenshot of URL


Wrap up, we have already introduced to you some basic and vital information about the Joomla Content Link Extensions so that you can smoothly get the most reasonable one for your Joomla website. If you have more suggestions or ideas, don’t hesitate to show them by leaving your comment in the box below.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit our website and check out the collection of many high-quality Joomla 4 Templates. Thank you and hope you enjoy it.

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