Installed kickstart on to my clients hosting site

SupportCategory: General QuestionsInstalled kickstart on to my clients hosting site
AvatarChester Robinson asked 4 years ago

Installed kickstart on to my clients hosting site. Everything appears to work until the extract process it appears that kickstart is hanging indefinitely. I have tried different settings and still get the same results or the extraction process just sits there. I tried this on other hosting sites and it works great except for this one. Still waiting on a reply from their support nothing at this time. Any suggestions?

Kelvinadmin Staff replied 4 years ago

Hi,In your case, look like it’s problem with your hosting permission for extract file. So, you can install it on local PC (with XAMPP) or other worked hosting. After that, you just zip source code and backup database. After that, in your client hosting, you create new database and restore it, then upload zip source code and unzip it. Last, you just open file ‘configuration.php’ and replace hosting info (database, username, password) with your client hosting info.

AvatarChester Robinson replied 4 years ago

Just wanted to thank you for the advice. I had to modify your suggestion just a bit, and I did get it to work on the hosting site. Everything’s good my client is happy, and I’m able to get started on my development. Thanks again for your help!

Kelvinadmin Staff replied 4 years ago

Glad your problem has been solved!

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