lt hunting theme mobile menu not showing sub menues

SupportCategory: Wordpress Template Questionslt hunting theme mobile menu not showing sub menues
AvatarTodd Page asked 5 months ago

Notice that when I scale the screen to a mobile size or view on a mobile device (phone) the sub menus do not show. 

2 Answers
KelvinKelvin Staff answered 5 months ago

Can you send me your site URL, screenshot about issue? So, I can help.

AvatarTodd Page replied 4 months ago

did you get my reply

KelvinKelvin Staff answered 4 months ago

Dropdown icon just hide by background, you just go to Template Settings, open tab “Custom Code” and add more CSS as below for Custom CSS code field
.sub-menu-toggle {
color: #000!important;
Save and recheck.

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