Picture resizing in LT Industrial Template

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John Barker Jr asked 2 months ago
Picture resizing in LT Industrial Template
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Hi There!
I am new to using your templates but have been around Joomla for 14 yrs. I recently installed the LT-Industrial quickstart template and I have it working. My question is when I try to resize a picture the dimensions I want (in this case: 300px x 195px). The photo is NOT coming up in those dimensions when I preview the page I am working on in the browser (Using Google Chrome)…
This is the page in question.  http://spaccamontillc.org/excavating.html
The picture is HUGE!!! it’s not the size I want it… What is the problem???

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 2 months ago
Answer for Picture resizing in LT Industrial Template
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Not sure you’re using our theme or another, I see some strange with theme.
But you just open file ‘style.css’, go to line 475 and remove CSS below

img {
width: 100%;

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