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AvatarHubert Ciepluch asked 3 weeks ago

I’m setting up shop on ws christmas theme. Somehow product page became narrow. I can’t find where to change it to full width.

Świerk kłujący 150cm

Can anyone tell me where to find this option?

1 Answers
KelvinKelvin Staff answered 3 weeks ago

it’s issue with product decs, when you copy product desc from other place and paste to Editor or Product desc in product details, you must clear tags first, by copy and paste it from other Editor such as Text (in macos) or Notepad (in Windows) to clear tags, then you can place to Product editor in WordPress without this issue.

AvatarHubert Ciepluch replied 3 weeks ago

Thank You for the answer. But I did’n paste any product description. It was ok and after some changes in shop (I don’t know what and when) became narrow. There Left 4 standard product from the demo. And all of them are narrow. I have made also a test product and this one is also displayed narrow.

KelvinKelvin Staff replied 3 weeks ago

Since we will need details info to check. Can you submit ticket support with this thread link, your site URL, admin login, so I can help



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