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Animated GIFs enhance web communications in so many ways from moving graphics in ads to memes and email GIFs.

A GIF maker lets us create simple animations in seconds rather than hours, which is the main reason we are all seeing more animated GIFs in our web browsing.

However, there are a few golden rules you need to apply whenever you use an animated GIFs. Ignore these commandments at your peril.

1. Every Animated GIF Must Have a Purpose

Your purpose behind creating an animation might be to make people smile or to promote your brand on social media. Keep your reason front and center in your mind during the creation process.


Your animated GIFs can only enhance your brand if people associate the two in their minds. Use your brand colors and fonts in every GIF and place your brand name in the bottom corner. Over time, people will know your company is behind your GIFs, even without the branding, but you should still brand every image as good practice.


Animated ads help you to overcome ad-blindness in users because your animation attracts the eye, and novelty value attracts interest. Some affiliate products allow you to create your own visuals, but always check before the ad goes live, or you could lose any commissions you earn.

Using email GIFs can also help conversions if you don’t use them too often. Make sure the email header includes ‘GIF’ if you want people to open them.

Growing Your Audience

Social media belongs to those who use animated GIFs. People share these short animations more often than simple pictures, mostly because GIFs are funny and everyone wants to be the first with an in-joke.

Simplifying Instructions

Animated GIFs can replace lengthy paragraphs of text instructions. Even non-visual learners can benefit because they save time.

2. Make People Smile

You could use GIFs to spreads hatred, but why would you? There’s plenty of negativity in the world without you adding to it.

People expect a GIF animation to make them smile. Fulfill that expectation, make people feel good and they come to associate that positive emotion with your business. Humor also makes it more likely your animated GIF will go viral on social media.

3. Keep it Short

You could make a 60-second GIF. Don’t. You aren’t funny enough.

GIFs should be shorter than ten seconds. If you can’t achieve your purpose in ten seconds, you have lost the audience’s attention. Trim your message to make it shorter and quicker to absorb.

4. Keep it Legal

Intellectual property laws exist to protect everyone, even though they make it more difficult for you as a GIF designer. The rules relating to using copyright images are complicated and vary from one country to another. The potential costs of using images without permission will put you out of business.

Even using a face in GIFs needs a model release and some iconic buildings require photographers to pay for permission to use their images to avoid extortionate litigation.

5. All in Good Taste

Good taste is difficult to define, but we instantly recognize poor taste.

Make it Safe for Work

Forget bad language, nudity, and suggestive images. Many of your followers will be browsing from work or in public on their phones where other people can see and hear, so NSFW GIFs will lead to them abandoning your brand.

Put Limits on Your Use of GIFS

Your GIF will work best when they come as a surprise, so avoid the temptation to use animations on every blog post, ad, and email. As a rough guide, you should use animated GIFs in only 20-30% of your articles, emails or social media posts.

Never Make Fun of Anyone

If your GIF relies on poking fun at someone you should abandon it because negativity will adversely affect your brand image.

In Brief

Animated GIF makers mean anyone can create humorous animations as quickly as they can write a short paragraph.

GIFs have multiple uses, and if you use brand fonts and colors in your GIFs, people link the feel-good factor of every funny animation with your company. When prospects feel good, they are more likely to buy.

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