In fact, each software is constantly evolving to meet people’s demands and WordPress is no exception. WordPress has been releasing a lot of new versions to bring new features, security fixes as well as the best performance for your website. Therefore, checking the current WordPress version you are using is very important. For this reason, the purpose of this post will show some methods to help you check your WordPress version. Let’s keep reading.

Why do you need to check your current WordPress Version?

In WordPress, in order to make sure that your WordPress website is always compatible with all plugins and themes. It is necessary to check your WordPress version regularly to keep it up to date with the software’s latest version.

In addition, checking the current WordPress version also keeps your site safe from malicious threats and unwanted attacks. Since most new WordPress versions have been fixed previous errors in the code.

How to check your current WordPress version?

Honestly, there are several methods that allow you to check your current WordPress version. In today’s tutorial, we are going to demonstrate the easiest ways to help you tackle this issue. Now, you can track the following methods.

Method 1: Check WordPress version in the admin area

This is the simplest way to check the WordPress version. Because the WordPress admin area displays plenty of useful information including the current WordPress version you are using.

To use this method, first of all, you need to log in to the WordPress dashboard menu and go to Dashboard > Updates. Immediately, you will see the currently installed version of WordPress along with the latest WordPress version released.

Check The Current Wordpress Version

If the message displays that the site doesn’t have its latest version, it is time to upgrade your WordPress version. However, make sure to create a backup for your entire site in advance of upgrading.

Alternatively, you can find the WordPress version you are using by scrolling drown page of the admin area. Have look at the footer of the page, you will see the WordPress version number displayed bottom right corner of the page.

Check The Current Wordpress Version

Nevertheless, if your website is using one of the outdated versions of WordPress, you will see a link to the newest version instead.

Moreover, you can also find the WordPress version number in the “At a Glance” admin widget on the dashboard page. The location of this widget will be different depending on the settings of your site. In our example, we are using WordPress version 5.8.2.

Check The Current Wordpress Version 2

Method 2: Check WordPress version in the page source

Instead of logging into the WordPress admin dashboard to check the current WordPress version, you can also check the WordPress version number on the site’s source code. This method even allows you to check the currently installed version of another WordPress site.

To use this way, initially, you need to open your WordPress website on a web browser. Then right-click any area on your site and choose the “View Page Source” option.

Check The Current Wordpress Version

Then, a new tab will open that contains the source HTML code of the page.

Now, you need to press keystrokes CTRL + F or COMMAND +F(macOS) to open the browser’s search feature. Enter “generator” in the search bar.

If the generator tag is not disabled, you see the line that is similar to the line below.

<meta name=”generator” content=”Wordress 5.8.2″/>

Check The Current Wordpress Version 4

However, this method is only feasible if the website owner still retains the default settings. On the other hand, many websites don’t show their WordPress version through the source code. Because it may cause a lot of unwanted issues, such as malicious attacks and much more. Hence, we also recommend hiding the meta tag to keep your site safe.

You can hide the meta tag by making changes in the functions.php file of your active theme. Let’s access the WordPress admin panel and then go to Appearance > Theme Editor.

Let’s select the site’s current theme and choose the functions.php file. Then, you need to copy the following code and paste at the bottom of the file.

remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');

Check The Current Wordpress Version

After that, don’t forget to click on the “Update File” button to save your changes.


Hopefully, all methods that we have just provided can help you answer the question “How to check the Current WordPress version you are using?”. If you encounter any trouble with mentioned ways, feel free to write down your queries in the comment below. We will support you as soon as possible.

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