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It’s very easy to edit Text layers in Unite Revolution Slider. The first thing you need to do is to choose from following layers/captions: HTML Markups, Image, Video. See screenshot:

edit Text Layers in Unite Revolution Slider

Next, click on Add Layer.

Style / Edit Style / Edit Global Styles

Unite Revolution Slider

You can use the Style Drop Down list to add your own Style or define s predefined Style. In addition, via the Embeded CSS Editor (Edit Style), you can change the Styling of the captions / Layers. If you want to embed paragraphs, headings, buttons etc, you can use HTML5 Standard markups.

The Captions have the white-space: nowrap setting default. When you break line or add a different layer for multi lines, please use <br>.

Align & Positions

Use this option to set the align of the Layers/Caption. Drag and Drop move of the Layer will be based on the Align. If the align is set to Center Center, then it will be based on this aligned position and use an Offset.

It means Center Center Offset X -100px Offset Y -100px will be used in every responsive size linear.

Start Transition

It’s the way that Caption appear on the screen including Animation, Easing and Speed.

End Transition

If this option is not set, the Reverse Animation will be used as set in the Start Transition.

Link to Slide

Unite Revolution Slider

You can choose from the drop-down list, and set a special link like Predefined Slide, Swap to Previous / Next slide, Scroll Under the Slider etc.

Left Corner / Right Corner

Draw a Sharp Corner of the Caption. It only works if you set the background color for Caption.

Responsive Through All Levels

If you tick at the box, all HTML Containers within this Caption are resized linear to Slider Sizes.

Hide Under Width

Set this option if you want to hide Caption under a certain width. It makes the slide more clear on mobile devices.


You can set extra attributes into the caption, like extra classes, IDs or title here.


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