Your Amazon business might be thriving, but of course, as an ambitious business owner, you want it to get bigger. The problem is that the Amazon marketplace is more competitive than ever, so you might not know where to start.

As odd as it might seem, the fact that Amazon has grown as a platform in recent years, especially since the pandemic, means that it provides a solution for almost every problem. So, the answer to your growth problem could be easier than you think.

#1 Hire expert marketing services

The first thing that will become apparent is that you can’t do this alone, and you will need to draft in some professional help in key areas. Top of the list is marketing, and the Amazon SEO and other advice provided by companies like could be both an eye-opener and a game changer.

Experts can look at your listings and tell you where to make tweaks with images and keywords to include in your description that could give you a welcome boost in sales. They can also advise in other important areas like pricing, which, of course, will directly affect your bottom line.

#2 Watch competitors

If you are at a loss for additional products, you could use your competitors for easy, free research. There are plenty of things you can learn from your competitors, but what you need to look at here is the additions to their range. You will be able to see what they have tried, but just as importantly, what has worked and what has not.

Using this, you can see if you can source similar or better products yourself, and you will also know which blind alleys and dead ends to avoid.

#3 Sell in different territories

You might, however, be happy with your product range and not want to expand it in any way. The answer here is to sell more of what you already have, and as well as selling more to your existing marketplace, you could look to Amazon platforms in other territories. 

As well as the US, you can also sell in the UK and many other European countries. Unless your product is very specific to where you are, you could move your existing roster over to these other countries quite easily, as long as they are translated properly.

#4 Look at different logistical options 

If you are looking to sell more, and certainly if you are looking to sell in new territories, you need to look at both your supply network and how you distribute your orders to customers. Conversation with your suppliers is important here, as you will need to see if they can match your ambition; if not, you need to look for alternative or additional sources.

The same goes for your shipping partner, as you need to investigate how they would ship abroad and the costs involved. Of course, if you are sending more, you would expect a reduction in rates, which will also affect your bottom line.

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