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A well-designed business website is crucial for success in today’s digital age. It serves as your online storefront and the first impression for potential customers. However, creating a website for your small business can be trickier than it looks. As we’ve explained previously on How to Make a Small Business Website, the process requires that you define your website’s purpose, identify your target audience, choose a domain name, and select a web hosting provider. Additionally, these steps are only the beginning. Afterward, you must plan your website content and design accordingly and continue regular maintenance and updates.

Fortunately, there are numerous online resources that can teach you all about business website design. Below, we list five valuable platforms that cater to website design beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is a popular platform for marketing and business education, and its courses on user experience design, conversion optimization, and content strategy are no exception. A simple search result for “website design” reveals single lessons like “Choosing Your Website Design Tools” or “SEO For Website Migrations,” as well as short courses like “Building a Website in CMS Hub Starter,” which are taught by inbound professors and industry experts. Following weeks of learning, small business owners even gain the opportunity to complete free HubSpot Academy certifications, allowing them to build confidence and credibility while differentiating themselves in competitive marketing fields.


If you prefer learning at your own pace, then this is the platform for you. From ebooks to audiobooks, and even podcasts, Everand hosts a variety of resources on website design that small business owners can choose from to create a personalized learning experience. A keyword search of “business website design” will lead you to top-rated publications, such as “Making Your Website Work: 100 Copy & Design Tweaks for Smart Business Owners” or “SEO Website Design for Small Businesses,” that you can browse while making use of Everand’s immersive note-taking and highlighting features. The platform can also recommend more titles using editorial expertise and machine learning, ensuring business owners find the next read that’s most relevant to their experiences.


Business owners who learn faster with a visual medium tend to scroll through YouTube for the best web development guides. Among the various channels, Academind stands out for its practical approach and emphasis on real-world applications. Created by Manuel Lorenz and Maximilian Schwarzmüller, the content is designed to be accessible, encompassing short training videos and reels that new learners may use to familiarize themselves with the different technologies. The channel is up-to-date too, with weekly uploads on the latest industry trends.


Codecademy is an interactive learning platform by Skillsoft that focuses on coding and programming. Its courses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript might seem daunting at first. However, small business owners can greatly benefit from getting hands-on coding experience while understanding the basics of website design, especially with Codeacademy’s latest generative AI integration in February 2024. By allowing learners to apply skills in simulated work environments with a virtual coding assistant, prompt engineering functionality, as well as code explanations and project hints, business owners can gain a deeper understanding of how websites work and make informed decisions when working with designers or developers.

L Theme

If you enjoyed the hands-on experience of Codecademy but would rather explore user-friendly interfaces without code, then LTheme is the resource for you. L Theme is a go-to option for business owners seeking stable themes coupled with excellent customer service to safeguard their projects. Small business owners, even those without advanced coding skills, can easily navigate our platform’s drag-and-drop layout and page builder. Its templates are already designed to align with Google Structures, empowering businesses to safely explore, experiment, and improve their online visibility.

Start with our new designs for Joomla and WordPress CMS that are available in the All-In-One package. This comes with a PRO version, support Quickstart package, and high-priority support service, allowing small business owners to access 500+ current items and every new design per month for a premium price. For questions on the Open Source OTT products, don’t hesitate to send us a message at L Theme.

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