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Do you need Joomla Content Info Extension?

If you are finding an extension that helps you to manage the authors of your content as well as display the information of the content, then you may be in the right place. Today, in the article, we provide you top best Joomla Content Info Extension and hope that you can choose the best one.

Top Joomla Content Info Extensions

Author List [Free Download]

Author List

Author List is a Joomla Content Info Extension that enables you to control the authors of your content so that your clients are able to access to a sortable article list table layout or pages. Moreover, you can also generate many kinds of author list menu items after generating your wanted author instances in the backend.

Provided features:

  • A general article list or blog
  •  Optional category filter
  • Resize all images and to create thumbs
  • A list of your authors
  • Multi-language support
  • An article list or blog layout
  • Edit their details from the frontend
  • Integration with Joomla Live Update
  • And more


  • Easy to use
  • A lot of features
  • Very professional

AIB – Author Info Box [Free Download]

Aib - Author Info Box

This is a Content Management System that helps you to show the information of the authors at the top or bottom of your articles. Moreover, this extension also enables to display the information of name, website, address, description or avatar and so on.

Provided features:

  • Article view
  • Author Info Box
  • Set a link to the Joomla! Contact Component
  • Infobox position
  • The triggering of the plugin
  • Email Address
  • All fields are optional
  • Image of the author – Avatar
  • And more


  • Excellent documentation
  • Good Support
  • Very intuitive

Authorship Markup [Free Download]

Authorship Markup

This extension will help you to enhance the result performance of your search engines as well as improve your CTR. This extension also helps you to build a narrower relationship among your readers as well as bring you reliability. Moreover, this extension also provides you power in your field.

Provided features:

  • Use authorship markups
  • Display author information
  • Supports authorship markup for multiple authors
  • Display as author name


  • Work like a charm
  • Straightforward documentation
  • Great support.

Ajo Copyright Module

Ajo Copyright module is a Straightforward Content Management System that enables you to show the copyright message as well as the year for use at the bottom of the page.

Provided features:

  • Show site name
  • Auto update current year
  • Add custom text


  • Simple and effective
  • Very simple
  • Easy to use

db8 Site Last Modified [Free Download]

Db8 Site Last Modified

This Extension provides you the information of a global “last modified” day which provides your clients with the last changes done in your site. Moreover, this extension also shows the date and time of that last creation and modification of your all articles which regard theirs publishes state and access level.

Provided features:

  • A global “last modified” date
  • Add HTML code to “Text before/after Date” fields
  • Site Last Modified date and time
  • Module Class Suffix
  • PHP strftime format


  • A useful extension
  • Simple, but much effective
  • Excellent and straightforward

Article Details [Free Download]

Article Details

Article Details is a Joomla Content Info Extension that allows you to override the information details of your articles as well as display them as the way you desired.

Provided features:

  • Use on multi-language sites
  • Add an optional calendar representation
  • Modify the article, blog/list
  • Cache the stylesheets
  • Use publish down dates
  • Add an optional calendar representation
  • Use publish down dates


  • Fairly straightforward
  • Great plugin
  • Super professional

Columnist JT1 [Paid Download]

Columnist Jt1 - Joomla Content Info Extension

This extension allows you to show the articles from the columnist-categories that you selected. Moreover, this extension also enables you to generate categories according to the name of Columnists and then enter every article of the columnists under their category.

Provided features:

  • Show / Hide Create Date
  • Columnist Box Background
  • HTML Supported Code for Content Layouts
  • More Articles Link Color
  • Columnist Image Width
  • Child Category Depth
  • Titles and Text Font Size
  • Columnist-Category Order
  • Show Featured Articles
  • And more


We hope that all the Joomla Content Info Extensions in the blog will be the best tools for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Furthermore, don’t forget to share it with your friends if you think the blog is really great.

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