Don’t hesitate to have a look and choose the best Joomla Social Content Lock Extension for your site!

Why need you use Joomla Social Content Lock Extension?

If you want to increase the traffic of your site, installing a Joomla Social Content Lock Extension may be the best solution. Today, in this article, we provide you top best Joomla Social Content Lock Extension with the hope that you can choose the most suitable one.

Top Joomla Social Content Lock Extensions

Social Promotion Popup [Paid Download]

Social Promotion Popup

This is a Joomla Social Content Lock Extension that helps you to promote your URL in the 3 most popular social networks these days, they are Twitter, Google, and Facebook. It also consists of the popup which is on your page that you want without sharing user lock.

Provided features:

  • Get traffic for a fast way for your promotion
  • Promote your URL with 3 Social Engine
  • Hide any button from 3 Social buttons
  • Set page opacity and timer by dynamic options
  • Direct Close and Advanced close function
  • Set Title and default message for Popup box
  • And more


  • Very easy to use
  • Great tools

JO Social Content Locker [Paid Download]

Jo Social Content Locker-Joomla Social Content Lock Extension

JO Social Content Locker is a Joomla Secure Content Locker that enables you to lock a part of your content or every page on a website till a user of your page takes a click on a social button such as Facebook share, Facebook like, Google +1, Youtube Subscribe and so on. It also helps you to have more likes as well as traffic and clients.

Provided features:

  • Allow config position button
  • Set an own URL for social button
  • Support for mobile/tablet devices
  • Insert Social Content Locker
  • Supports 5 theme and 8 social buttons
  • Cookies remember users
  • Config Facebook fan page
  • And more


  • Works flawless
  • Easy to use
  • Great support

Facebook Like To Download [Paid Download]

Facebook Like To Download-Joomla Social Content Lock Extension

You can use this extension to change your Like Button into a social media traffic blasting download button. Moreover, this extension also helps to improve your traffic and includes a number of powerful features.

Provided features:

  • Works with any download URL
  • Allow inserting an unlimited number
  • Support all Like Button options
  • Fully compatible IE7+
  • Cookies keep track of users
  • Set locker messages
  • Allow custom background color ease
  • And more

JA Social Locker [Paid Download]

Ja Social Locker-Joomla Social Content Lock Extension

JA Social Locker is a Joomla Social Content Lock Extension that enables you to boost your campaign as well as improve the traffic of your site by the way of asking visitors to share your content through some of the most common social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on.

Provided features:

  • Support 2 themes and 3 button styles
  • Auto-detect language
  • Lock desired content
  • Content protected with AJAX
  • Add random messages for twitter
  • Find all style in the style.css
  • Support of HTML
 Fb Like In The Face-Joomla Social Content Lock Extension

FB Like in the Face is a Joomla Extension that enables to display a big graphic which is inspired by Facebook Like Button. It also includes the like and share options for the users to use in a particular limitation of time.

Provided features:

  • Display in Any Page
  • Clean Coding
  • Customizable styles
  • Simplified Control
  • Light Weight
  • Modal view

Wrap Up

We hope that this collection of Joomla Social Content Lock Extension is helpful for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with other Joomla users.

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