Now, it’s not complicated or difficult for you if you want to translate your site content to another language with the support of many handy Joomla Language Extensions below!

Why do you need Joomla Language Extension?

That would be a big obstacle if you read a website without understanding its content because of language barriers. Therefore, using a language extension is the most partial solutionToday, we provide you top best Joomla Language Extension and hope that you can choose the most suitable for yourself. Let’s start now!

Top Joomla Language Extensions

FaLang [Free Download]


This Joomla Language Extension helps you to translate the content of your site in any languages that you want easily. Furthermore, you can also manage all of your translations in every module as well as your web sites.

Provided features:

  • Edit translation page
  • A backlink to faboba site
  • Package installation script
  • Better support for small screen
  • Fix update bug on module parameter’s
  • Fix warning on orphan with PHP 7.2
  • And more


  • Work easy and well
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Clear documentation

JA Multilingual[ Free Download]

Ja Multilingual

This is a fast and easy workflow to translate the whole site including menu items in one go. Moreover, With this free extension, one can set up a multi-lingual site using Bing translator or Google translate (new) and then easily update translated content manually. Check it out

Provided features:

  • Use BING translator or Google Translate (new)
  • Select any language to translate FROM/TO
  • Multi-languages installation
  • Translate all languages in one time
  • Easy Association management
  • Only translate new content
  • Translate Meta description & meta keywords too
  • Option to duplicate content for the new language


  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to use and install
  • Realy fast

GTranslate [Free Download]


Thanks to Google Translate power, this extension makes your websites multilingual. Your users will not have any difficulties in understanding your site’s content as there are 103 languages available.

Provided features:

  • Valid XHTML
  • Alternative flag
  • Analytics feature
  • On Fly translation
  • Automatic translations
  • Multilingual language names
  • Hides Google top frame after translation


  • Excellent feature
  • Self-explanatory
  • Fast and a lot of parameters

SEF Translate [Free Download]

 Sef Translate
This is a free Joomla Language Module that allows you to translate your site content into 99% languages over the world. Furthermore, because this extension includes the option of choosing languages in the site’s maps, it helps to enhance the visibility and rank of translated content.
Provided features:
  • Support FaLang
  • Google Translate API
  • SEO and SEF features
  • Bing/Microsoft Translator API
  • Possibility manual edit translated text
  • Support Joomla native Multi language
  • Automatic translation on 90+ Languages


  • Great functionality
  • Clear and easy to follow
  • Unbeatable technical support

Easy Language [Free Download]

Easy Language

Easy Language is an extension that allows you to manage multilingual texts simply and quickly in any articles, modules, templates and so on.

Provided features:

  • Language code URL
  • Supports all languages
  • Setting default language
  • Manage of multilingual texts
  • Ability to display the translated texts
  • Optimized code to solve minor problems


  • Good support
  • Great and light plugin
  • Extremely Marvelous Work

Currency Languages Converter for Virtuemart[ Paid Download]

Currency Languages Converter For Virtuemart

You want to approach more clients who come from different countries. You can totally make your store a flexible one with Virtuemart Currency Languages Converter. The extension allows the admin to set up the list of currencies and languages and helps customers quickly to convert the specific currencies and languages on the front-end.

Provided features:

  • Auto-detect geographical address
  • One language for many countries
  • Currencies supported by Google or Yahoo
  • And more


  • Easy to access to different countries
  • Quick convert language and currency
  • Easy to install

Multilanguages CK [Paid Download]

 Multilanguages Ck

This Joomla Language Extension allows you to take a control the translation at any places in your website. You just need to put a tag for the language you want to translate into, and this plugin will show the text in that language for you.

Provided features:

  • Use debug function
  • Language tag like en-GB
  • Manage the translations at anywhere

Speedy Translate [Paid Download]

Speedy TranslateThis Joomla Language Module was built with the goal of making your translation work easier and quicker even for those who don’t have experience about this. Besides, this extension also makes a automatical translation suggestion for you and you can choose to use it or not.

Provided features:

  • Syntax Checker
  • Inside translation
  • Context translation
  • Automatic Translation
  • Duplication Detection


  • Good document
  • Good value for money
  • Very handy and useful

 KMFasTrans PRO [Paid Download]

Kmfastrans Pro

This Joomla Language Extension enables you to translate the content of your websites much more easily and quickly. Besides, you can also glance at which content was translated and which languages was used. This also allows you to copy files when generating or editing translations of elements.

Provided features:

  • Front end article editing
  • Inconsistencies detection
  • Translations Suggestions
  • Synchronizing Associations
  • One click preparation of the site
  • Permissions management Configure


  • Excellent support
  • Easy to understand
  • Outstanding piece of software

The LanternFish [Paid Download]

The Lanternfish - Joomla Language Extension

This Joomla Extension allows you to translate the content of your website easily. You can also control it efficiently at just one page in which an original and a translation are displayed at the same time.

Provided features: 
  • Speed up translations
  • Supports all core extensions
  • Instant switching between languages
  • Optionally translate and associate items
  • Manage translations in a single interface
  • And more


  • Easy to install and use
  • Easily translate
  • Nice


To summarize, why don’t you try and get the best Joomla language extension for your site? We will be really happy if you can smoothly find the best tool after reading the blog today. If you think it is useful, don’t hesitate to share it with anybody who needs a Joomla language extension to assist them.

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