Now, converting your site into some sort of mobile version is not complicated trouble with the help of the top best Joomla Mobile Extension we show you today.

Why should you use Joomla Mobile Extension for your site?

These days, thanks to the development of technology, the number of mobile users is becoming increasing. In order to boost your business, converting your site into a mobile version is very important. Today, in this collection, we provide you top best Joomla Mobile Extension that can help you to develop your business. Let’s start now!

Top Joomla Mobile Extensions

QR Code Friendly [Free Download]

Qr Code Friendly

QR Code Friendly is a powerful Joomla Mobile Extension that allows you to exchange the URL of your shown page on a  “QR Code” that use the Google Chart Tools. Moreover, this extension is also translated into many foreign languages that help you have a clear understanding.

Provided features:

  • International AIM
  • Multi-language
  • JEIDA standard
  • Values ​​”alt” and “title”
  • Customized CSS
  • Joomla Update Manager


  • Simple and intuitive
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Work like Charm

DSC – Device Specific Content [Free Download]

Dsc - Device Specific Content

This extension gives you the possibility of managing the content that is shown on your site. Thanks to this extension, you can also render or not render the particular content that is on your tablet, mobile and gadget devices.

Provided features:

  • Take control of the content
  • Display an embedded PDF
  • Save mobile visitors data
  • Eliminating unused elements


  • Easy to understand
  • Fast and reliable
  • Simple syntax

Smart App Banner [Free Download]

Smart App Banner

This is a Joomla Mobile Template that you can use to display one app banner on your site or multiple banners on many different sites. Moreover, it also enables you to assign this extension to every menu item that you like.

Provided features:

  • Create an Android-themed banner
  • Smart App Banner“ models
  • Show one app banner
  • Assign the module to any menu item
  • Take apps right into the spotlight


  • Great and very easy
  • Instant support
  • Very detailed document

 iPhone homepage icon [Free Download]

Iphone Homepage Icon

iPhone homepage icon is a Joomla Extension that you can use to control the shown icon on your Android or Apple gadgets when you insert them onto your sites. In addition, you can also use it to insert the loading screen and particular icons.

Provided features:

  • Manage the icon
  • Add a loading screen
  • Full-screen display
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Shown on Apple and Android devices

Responsivizern [Paid Download]


Here is a great solution for you to make mobile responsive your Joomla site in an easy way. In addition, this extension also contains more than 4 customizable mobile menus, offline cache as well as custom mobile homepage.

Provided features:

  • Fine tuning settings
  • 4 customizable mobile menus
  • Fluid video, images, HTML elements
  • Native mobile app look and feel
  • Custom mobile homepage
  • Adaptive images resizing and optimization
  • Touch-optimized: Swipe, Zoom, Pinch…


  • Easy to configure
  • Worth the value
  •  Work flawlessly

JAmp [Paid Download]

Jamp - Joomla Mobile Extension

JAmp allows you to create AMP version of your site that is indexed automatically by Google. It is completely compatible with every Joomla Extension. You can also use this extension to generate and advertise Accelerated Mobile Pages by using a particular link.

Provide features:

  • Mobile redirection to AMP page
  • Automated submission
  • Automatic conversion
  • AMP sidebar
  • Analytics support
  • Google AMP Cache
  • Debug mode
  • Powerful exclusions system
  • And more


  • A lot of configurations
  • Simple and correct documentation
  • Very professional


Now, it’s time for you to explore the collection of Joomla Mobile Extensions to understand more about their usefulness. We hope that the list we recommended may be helpful for you. If you have any queries or want to ask for more information about that, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. We will reply to you soon.

What’s more? There are a ton of well-performance and high-quality Joomla 4 Templates, so don’t forget to visit whenever you want. Have a good day and see you the next time.

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