Are you using Joomlashine products to develop your Joomla website yet stopped its products and services? Don’t worry about that since we are here today to bring you alternative products and services for your website.

What does Joomlashine provide?

Joomlashine is known as a Joomla template and extension provider. In other words, it offers Joomla users various Joomla templates built based on Sun Framework that stopped with Joomla 3 version. Besides template providing, Joomlashine also developed some Joomla extensions to support users to manage and design their websites, including JSN Page Builder allowing you to design and set up your site, JSN PowerAdmin which is a Joomla! admin tool, JSN Uniform which helps build Joomla forms, and JSN ImageShow which is a slider module.

Joomlashine stopped: What’s the solution?

Although there are many Joomla website owners or developers using products and services from Joomlashine, the provider decided to stop everything related to Joomlashine. This leads to some trouble and errors for those who are still utilizing Joomlashine products and services. That’s why we would like to suggest you find another solution for this issue, which means you should replace Joomlashine with similar products still working currently.

Now, let’s have a look at some of our recommendations below.

Alternative templates and extensions

  • Joomlashine template substitute:

Because Joomlashine templates are not compatible with Joomla 4, you should think about another solution when you decide to upgrade your Joomla 3 website to Joomla 4 website. Fortunately, LTheme Joomla products – free Joomla templates are developed to work well on Joomla 4 version. Therefore, you can consider choosing LTheme Joomla products as a perfect replacement.

Now, we would like to show you a case study that we successfully implemented to move a client website from the Joomlashine template to our Joomla template.

Originally, our client’s website used the Joomlashine template and JSN extensions to develop the website on Joomla 3 platform. However, because Joomlashine has been discontinued, it means that they will no longer provide services to support and update the features of templates and extensions, our client chose to use a template from our system.

This is the original client site (while using Joomlashine templates & extensions).

Photo 2023 07 28 11 44 57 Photo 2023 07 28 11 44 58

We have done the conversion of the content and appearance of the client site from the old template to the new template. And this is the result:

Photo 2023 07 28 11 45 54 Photo 2023 07 28 11 46 15

  • JSN Page Builder alternative:

We suggest you try SP Page Builder instead of JSN Page Builder. SP Page Builder comes with a drag-and-drop layout which is quite stable and easy to customize. It supports both Joomla 3.10 and Joomla 4.

  • JSN PowerAdmin replacement:

Because it is just an optional admin tool, you don’t need to use it anymore. So, you can remove JSN PowerAdmin yet still manage and develop your site without any trouble.

  • JSN Uniform substitute:

You can replace it with RSForm! Pro for generating flexible forms and displaying them on your site. This extension offers a lot of handy features to help you do that in a time-saving way.

  • JSN ImageShow alternative:

If you hope to get a new extension related to the slider features, it’s a good idea for you to use Smart Slider instead of JSN ImageShow.

Solution for Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 update

In this section, we will give you detailed steps to help you upgrade Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 even though your site is using Joomlashine.

First of all, it’s necessary for you to refresh your Joomla system. So, you need to set protostar as a template default first.


Then, simply remove the Joomlashine template.


After that, access your Extensions: Manage and uninstall all Joomlashine extensions which start with the prefix JSN.


Now, you can replace unsupported JSN extensions with similar ones that we introduced to you in the previous section.

Next, please visit the guide on how to update Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 to get the checklist update and start upgrading processing. After successful upgrading, you need to install a new template and set it as the default template. Everything is done. In case you need to get a template installation service, please visit our install service here.

If you feel the upgrading process is complicated, don’t worry since we are available to help you with Joomla 3 to Joomla 4 update service. Please contact us to order the service.

Some main extensions are still working with J4-compatible mode

Although there are a lot of extensions which not support for Joomla 4 version, some principal extensions are still compatible with Joomla 4:

  • K2: If you are familiar with using K2 to manage content when you use Joomla 3x version, don’t worry as it also works well with Joomla 4. The K2 developer team will release K2 V4 for those who are looking for applying K2 extension for their Joomla 4 websites. For detailed information, please visit here.
  • J2Store: Recently, J2Store has also made positive moves when it announced that J2Store 4.0: Release Candidate 3 has been published to help Joomla users use it for testing, staging, and development website purposes. It’s not quite stable enough to be applied to live or production sites. However, there will be a number of improvements, especially with the JS assets and better compatibility with not only Joomla 3 but also 4. For more information, please open here.

ECommerce extensions are ready with Joomla! 4

If you are wondering what is the solution for your Joomla online store, we would like to introduce you to 2 extensions that not only work effectively with Joomla 4 but also help you to solve and manage problems related to Joomla! e-commerce sector:

  • Hikashop: It is an easy-to-use yet effective tool for online stores to set up products, manage orders, run marketing strategies, analyze customers’ behaviors, etc. You can refer to more information here and then download and use it for your eCommerce business if you want.
  • Virtuemart: Another solution for your online store is Virtuemart which is compatible with both Joomla 3 and Joomla 4. This tool will assist you to deal with all issues related to products, orders, checkouts, currencies, payments, shipments, and marketing promotions. You can check it out here.

If you also find some eCommerce templates which are integrated with the Hikashop extension, please have a look at the list of free Templates for Hikashop here. On the other hand, if you desire to try some Joomla templates created based on Virtuemart, it’s time for you to explore the collection of free Templates for Virtuemart we bring you today.

Can’t wait? Explore our services

In case you don’t have enough time to implement all tasks to have a complete and stable Joomla 4 website, we are ready to support you with the following services:

  • Convert K2 content to Joomla! article
  • Replacement from J2Store to Hikashop or Virtuemart.
  • Setting up J2Store for Joomla 4: Although there is a package available, this is a high risk since it’s not a stable version, it is just a candidate 3 release for the purpose of testing, staging, or developing.

If you need the services, please send an offer temporary link via the contact area, and then we will help you do this.

Summary – the future of Joomla and your website

Overall, Joomla 4 has been released for a while and the Joomla community is quite happy and satisfied using this version. Currently, most of the extensions have been updated by developers to be compatible with Joomla 4. It is undeniable that this is a fairly stable and secure system, it has a clear database structure as well as easy to extend and develop.

The Joomla team is continuing research and development to soon launch Joomla 5 in the future. If you still love using the Joomla platform for website building and development, don’t miss the news that we update on our system.

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