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As you know, this year, flat design clearly popular, a huge rise in popularity of SVG icon sets, with the actual design of the sets have being influenced by iOS8’s line-styled icons & Material Design’s subtle style.
Here is top 50 free icon sets of the year, the free icon sets are available in so many different formats, you can use them in both your personal and commercial projects. All they are free to download!

3px Icons Vector Set (80 Icons, AI & PSD)

23px Icons Vector Set

3px Icons Vector Set Download Page →

Linea Iconset (730+ Icons, SVG, PNG & Webfont)

1Linea Iconset

Linea Iconset Download Page →

Themify Icons (320+ Icons, SVG & Webfont)

3Themify Icons

Themify Icons Download Page →

Simple Line Icons (100+ Icons, AI, EPS, SVG & PSD)

5Simple Line Icons

Simple Line Icons Download Page →

GitHub’s Octicons (178 Icons, Webfont)

4GitHub's Octicons

GitHub’s Octicons Download Page →

iOS7 Vector Icons (100 Icons, Photoshop Custom Shape, PNG & Webfont)

7iOS7 Vector Icons

iOS7 Vector Icons Download Page →

Genericons (120 Icons, Webfont)


Genericons Download Page →

Elegant Themes Line-Style Icons (100 Icons, AI, SVG, PNG & Webfont)

10Elegant Themes Line-Style Icons

Elegant Themes Line-Style Icons Download Page →

Odincons 1.0 (100 Icons, PSD)

8Odincons 1.0

ICONY Download Page →

Flat Icon Set (60 Icons, PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD & AI)

11Flat Icon Set

Flat Icon Set Download Page →

Stroke Gap Icons Set Vol.2 (50 Icons, PSD & AI)

12Stroke Gap Icons Set Vol.2

Stroke Gap Icons Set Vol.2 Download Page →

Open Iconic (220 Icons, SVG & Webfont)

14Open Iconic

Open Iconic Download Page →

Stroke 7 Icon Font (170 Icons, Webfont)

15Stroke 7 Icon Font

Stroke 7 Icon Font Download Page →

Meroo Flat-Styled Icon Set (110 Icons, PSD)

16Meroo Flat-Styled Icon Set

Meroo Flat-Styled Icon Set Download Page →

Stripes & Co Line-Styled Icon Set (65 Icons, AI & EPS)

13Stripes & Co Line-Styled Icon Set

Stripes & Co Line-Styled Icon Set Download Page →

Metrize Metro-Style Icons (300 Icons, PSD, SVG, EPS, AI, PDF & Webfont)

19Metrize Metro-Style Icons

Metrize Metro-Style Icons Download Page →

Outlined Icons (150 Icons, PSD, AI, SVG & Webfont)

20Outlined Icons

Outlined Icons Download Page →

Feather Icon Set (130 Icons, PSD CSH, SVG & Webfont)

21Feather Icon Set

Feather Icon Set Download Page →

Stroke Icons (80 Icons, PSD, AI & Webfont)

18Stroke Icons

Stroke Icons Download Page →

Iconia (Regular, Circle & Cut) (113 Icons, Webfont)

22Iconia (Regular, Circle & Cut)

Iconia Download Page →

Summer And Essentials Icon Set (50 Icons, EPS, AI, PNG)

24Summer And Essentials Icon Set

Summer And Essentials Download Page →

Blackberry Icons (20 Icons, PSD)

25Blackberry Icons

Blackberry Icons Download Page →

Ballicons 2 Icon Set (70 Icons, PNG, PSD, SVG)

23Ballicons 2 Icon Set

Ballicons 2 Icon Set Download Page →

Fanaticons (64 Icons, AI, PNG & SVG)


Fanaticons Download Page →

Jellycons iOS 8 App Icon Set (PNG & Sketch)

28Jellycons iOS 8 App Icon Set

Jellycons iOS 8 App Icon Set Download Page →

Gallericons (30 Icons, Sketch & PNG)


Gallericons Download Page →

The Web and Mobile Line IconSet (200 Icons, AI)

31The Web and Mobile Line IconSet

The Web and Mobile Line IconSet Download Page →

Bubbles iOS 7 Iconset (48 Icons, AI, EPS, PNG, PSD & SVG)

32Bubbles iOS 7 Iconset

Bubbles iOS 7 Iconset Download Page →

Musicons (72 Icons, PSD)


Musicons Download Page →

Wireframe Icons (230 Icons, PSD)

33Wireframe Icons

Wireframe Icons Download Page →

Webicons (100 Icons, AI & EPS)


Webicons Download Page →

Line Icons (60 Icons, PSD, AI & EPS)

36Line Icons

Line Icons Download Page →

12k Line Icon Set (12,000 Icons, PSD)

3712k Line Icon Set

12k Line Icon Set Download Page →

Icon-Works (134 Icons, Icon Font)


Icon-Works Download Page →

The Web Interface Icon Set (370 Icons, SVG & AI)

38The Web Interface Icon Set

The Web Interface Icon Set Download Page →

Devicons – An Iconic Font For Developers (123 Icons, Icon Font, SVG & PNG)

39Devicons – An Iconic Font For Developers

Devicons Download Page →

Compacticons (180 Icons, PSD)


Compacticons Download Page →

UI/UX Icons (40 Icons, PSD, AI & SVG)

42UI UX Icons

UI/UX Icons Download Page →

Touch Gestures Icons (100 Icons, AI, EPS, PSD, PNG & SVG)

43Touch Gestures Icons

Touch Gestures Icons Download Page →

Helium Icon Set (100 Icons, AI, EPS, SVG & Icon Font)

44Helium Icon Set

Helium Icon Set Download Page →

Solid Icons (210 Icons, PSD, PNG, SVG & Icon Font)

40Solid Icons

Solid Icons Download Page →

Material Design Icons from Google (750 Icons, PNG)

45Material Design Icons from Google

Material Design Icons Download Page →

UNigrid Vector Icons (100 Icons, AI)

46UNigrid Vector Icons

UNigrid Download Page →

Gamecenter Icons Pack (150 Icons, PSD)

48Gamecenter Icons Pack

Gamecenter Icons Pack Download Page →

Touch Icon Set (340 Icons, AI, PSD & SVG)

47Touch Icon Set

Touch Icon Set Download Page →


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