Your host needs to use php 5.3.10 or higher to run this version of joomla! error: What happended?

When you install Joomla 3, have you ever had the error ‘Your host needs to use PHP 5.3.10 or higher to run this version of Joomla!’? If yes, you need to find a suitable solution to tackle the trouble. In the blog today, we will guide you to do that.

How to fix Your host needs to use php 5.3.10 or higher to run this version of joomla! error

This trouble occurs depending on different situations. Thus, in each situation, there will be a solution.

  1. If you are using Shared Web Hosting Account, you can’t access all options. So, it’s necessary for you to get in touch with your web host and ask them to upgrade your PHP version. If they can’t meet your requirement, let’s ask them to move your account to a newer server with a newer PHP version. In the worst case, you just need to change the web host to get better service.
  2. In case you are utilizing a Dedicated Server or a Virtual Server, you have more options for this issue. If your server is a managed server, simply ask your admin to update your PHP version. On the other hand, if you manage your own server, let’s follow the following options:
  • Ditch all your setup, then run the Ubuntu 14.04.
  • Upgrade the PHP version.
  • Upload the newest release version of PHP.
  • Try another dedicated Joomla host.

Update PHP version to solve problem “Your host needs to use php 5.3.10 or higher to run this version of joomla! error”

All in all, the error will appear to ask you to upgrade your current PHP version. So, we hope with the instruction in the blog today, you can fix the issue quickly and effectively. If you have any questions or difficulties related to the topic, don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. We promise to support you as soon as possible. Last but not least, if you have an intention to renew your Joomla site interface, let’s visit our responsive Joomla Templates here. Thanks for reading.

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