Some Useful Shortcodes in J2Store

These shortcodes will be used for Joomla Article layouts, since Joomla layouts cannot be managed by J2store. Joomla has developed and maintained these shortcodes. While Product pages/product list layout are supposed to display product and being maintained by J2store,...

How to Add Filter to Product in J2Store?

Filters are to help you find a specific product as quickly as possible In Filter page, Filter Groups are created first, some filter names will be set. Based on the name, products can be found. For example, with filter group “Clothing”, there are some...
Everything Handmade Calligraphy Font

Everything Handmade Calligraphy Font

Introduction Of Everything Handmade Calligraphy Font Let’s see what we have for you today! It’s Everything – an elegant and seductive Handmade Calligraphy Font designed by Aldedesign. The font features a varying baseline, smooth line, that makes it...


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