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These shortcodes will be used for Joomla Article layouts, since Joomla layouts cannot be managed by J2store. Joomla has developed and maintained these shortcodes.

While Product pages/product list layout are supposed to display product and being maintained by J2store, they already has had PHP code in the view files for displaying elements and products.

But, Core Joomla layouts and article layouts don’t. Therefore, we need the shortcode for Joomla layouts. These shortcodes will not work in product layouts of J2store.

Notice: If you add more shortcodes to J2store pages (processed in the products), it will result in force the processing/invoking J2store and performance issues.

Additional shortcodes

Beside the primary shortcode, you are also possible to use these additional codes inside {j2store}{/j2store}, every code should be divided by a | symbol

To place this shortcode, please remember to change Add to placement mode by going to J2store > Configuration > Cart tab > set Add to cart placement as Both or Within article using tag, then Save the changes.

For example:


It will work in all place modes of Add to cart. Notice to use these codes carefully for improving performance.

Available shortcodes list and their description

cart – full cart with options, price and button add to cart {j2store}XX|cart{/j2store}

Price – Show both often price and selling price{j2store}XX|price{/j2store}

Saleprice – Only for the selling price{j2store}XX|saleprice{/j2store}

Regularprice  – Show only the regular price{j2store}XX|regularprice{/j2store}

Thumbnail – Show added thumbnail through the j2store cart -> images tab{j2store}XX|thumbnail{/j2store}

Mainimage – Show added main image through j2store cart -> images tab{j2store}XX|mainimage{/j2store}

Mainadditional –  Show both additional and main images added through j2store cart -> images tab{j2store}XX|mainadditional{/j2store}


Upsells – Display product up-selling {j2store}XX|upsells{/j2store}

Crosssells – Display product cross selling {j2store}XX|crosssells{/j2store}



That’s it! If you have any question, please feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below, we will reply as soon as possible!

Image Credit: J2store

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