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In the digital age, ecommerce sites have become the perfect platform for people to access services and purchase products. These websites provide extreme convenience, especially since customers don’t have to travel to places just to buy what they need. One contributing factor to this popularity is proper website design. According to a Forbes article on website features, 72% of consumers say that a badly designed website affects their perception of a business. This underscores the need for an inviting site that is easy to use.

When people can easily navigate your ecommerce website, they’re more likely to complete the purchase process and use it often, and the subsequent recommendations from satisfied customers can greatly boost your business. Ensuring simple yet impactful features like user-friendly layouts and a simple checkout process can allow your online business to thrive. But how do the best ecommerce sites do it? In this article, we take a look at Eyebuydirect, one of the world’s leading eyewear ecommerce sites, and how you can draw inspiration from its website.

What is Eyebuydirect?

Eyebuydirect is an online retailer that sells a myriad of quality eyewear. Since it’s a purely online platform, it incorporates the direct-to-consumer business model where products are sold directly to customers, bypassing the need for buyers to pay extra for overhead costs like rent and utilities. Eyebuydirect allows customers to buy glasses online and choose from premium brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Vogue or pocket-friendly options like Amity, Vinyl, and St. Michel. It offers prescription and non-prescription glasses, sports sunnies, eco-friendly glasses, and even protective eyewear that reduces glare. These choices have expanded more recently, as Eyebuydirect launched a set of sustainable eyewear in 2023, which features bio-nylon frames that are uniquely crafted from reused plastic material.

What makes Eyebuydirect’s website appealing?

More and more people are drawn to purchase through ecommerce sites, with a report by the United States Census Bureau stating that the total ecommerce sales for 2023 were estimated to be $1,118.7 billion, marking a 7.6% increase from 2022. This means a well-made website can open a ton of opportunities for your business to grow. Luckily, Eyebuydirect’s site is a good example of a customer-friendly platform. But what makes it so appealing?

In our previous article on creating a website on Joomla, we mentioned several principles that make a website design attractive to customers. These include a simple layout, high-quality pictures, easy-to-scan content, and a quick and easy checkout process.

Eyebuydirect’s website meets all of these standards, especially since the site does not have pop-up ads and unnecessary content features, making its layout easy to navigate and use without much disturbance or noise. It also displays high-quality pictures of its products from all angles when you click them, which allows customers to carefully check the details and specifications of their preferred eyewear.

Moreover, the website’s content is easy to scan – perfect for site visitors with short attention spans – because it only shows key product information instead of long descriptions that people don’t tend to read. It’s also easy to check out: simply select your lens type, color, and preferred package before purchasing. You can even try glasses on virtually to see which pair is the perfect fit.

Aside from these features, Eyebuydirect also includes reviews and testimonials on its homepage, thus establishing business credibility built on customer satisfaction.

These key design takeaways are useful lessons you can incorporate into your own business’ ecommerce site. By drawing inspiration from Eyebuydirect, you can be well on your way to creating the perfect website that can establish business credibility and keep customers coming back for more.

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