Health and wellness products have never been more accessible, especially with the rise of e-commerce platforms that allow consumers to purchase products that prioritize well-being anytime and anywhere. In fact, the global wellness industry market value is forecasted to reach $8.5 trillion by 2027, up from its $5.61 trillion value in 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute. This comes as no surprise, especially with 82% of US consumers considering wellness as an important or top priority, as reported by a McKinsey study.

In an ever-changing marketing landscape, health and wellness business owners are prompted to deliver strategies to help them stand out. One way of doing so is by curating an engaging and effective e-commerce website that can attract potential customers. To help you emphasize your health and wellness products, here are some tips you can try to optimize your website design:

Explain the science behind your product by including detailed descriptions

Product information is a dealbreaker for most consumers. Data published on BusinessDIT shows that 87% of online customers deem product descriptions as crucial in their purchasing decisions, and 30% abandon their carts due to insufficient product information. To help you engage more buyers, you can take inspiration from the blue light glasses page of eyewear retailer LensCrafters. The page provides informative yet easy-to-read descriptions about blue light, how blue-violet light filtering lenses work, and tips for maintaining visual comfort to let site visitors know more about the science behind the glasses. You can also include basic product information on your website, such as materials used or how your specific health and wellness product works, but make sure to consider diverse attention spans by keeping your descriptions short yet educational.

Look for a theme that helps you customize display options

A cohesive display on your website is crucial for the exposure of the health and wellness products that you offer, which is why it’s important to customize display options that can help your products pop out. You can use J2Store’s product layout feature to help you create an effective layout for your products through content management software like Joomla. To help you create a layout product, simply open your Joomla Control Panel and, select the Main Menu button, then click New. From there, you can choose and customize product categories and configure how the product will be displayed in the cart. Customizing display and layout allows you to control how your health and wellness products are emphasized on your website. This ensures that potential buyers can easily navigate and see through your various product offerings.

Include detailed customer reviews and testimonials about your products

A BrightLocal survey revealed that 91% of consumers aged 18-34 trust online reviews like personal recommendations, while 93% say that online reviews affect their buying decisions. This makes detailed customer reviews and testimonials on your website all the more important, as these comments allow potential customers to read more about your health and wellness products, and the feedback also adds credibility to your business and the products that you offer. For instance, eyewear retailer Eyebuydirect and women’s brand Thinkx include reviews, ratings, and testimonials on their websites. This establishes trust among consumers and reassures them that they provide high-quality services. You can replicate this practice by collating and displaying comments and reviews about your health and wellness products through plugins like Easy Testimonials.

Emphasizing health and wellness products can start with an effective website design that lets them see the details of your offerings and reviews for added credibility. Be sure to follow these steps to help your e-commerce business stand out.

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