Showing Banners has increasingly become a popular method that businesses prefer to use in digital marketing. It’s is because banner advertisements bring a visually appealing layout that can capture customers’ attention very well. Therefore, this tutorial blog will propose some simple methods for WordPress users to add a banner to the WordPress site. Now, let’s start!

What are the benefits of Adding a Banner to the WordPress Site?

Banners will help you increase sales and revenues effectively thanks to their eye-catching layout. With banners, you can showcase text, images, and other kinds of content with highlight information at ease. In addition, it’s so flexible for you to present banners in different places on your site without complex coding requirements. Therefore, you can save your site space and earn more income for advertisements, or inform customers about your products launching, discounts, and other kinds of promotion. Last but not least, you can customize your banner appearance in your own way easily.

How to Add a Banner to the WordPress Site

It’s possible for you to embed a banner to your WordPress sites with or without the assistance of a WordPress plugin. Don’t waste your time anymore, let’s explore each method together with its advantages and disadvantages.

Method 1: Add a Banner to the WordPress Site without using a plugin

You are able to insert banners directly from your WordPress sites. This solution is quite simple and especially suitable for banner ads such as images, videos, and gifs.

In order to add Banner to the WordPress Site, you need to go on Media –> Add new –> Choose File –> Upload.

You should upload banners within the Maximum upload file size of your website. However, if your file exceeds this limitation, you can increase it easily via the instruction from How to fix ‘The link you followed has expired’ Error in WordPress.

Add A Banner To The Wordpress Site 1

Next, navigate to Appearance –> Widgets, choose the proper place for displaying banners and click on the plus sign(+). Then, search for “Image” to open the Image widget.

Add A Banner To The Wordpress Site 2

In the new window, you obtain a chance to upload your banners directly from your device, Media Library, or even Insert from URL.

Add A Banner To The Wordpress Site 3

In this article, we will open the banner image that we have uploaded by clicking on Media Library and choosing a suitable item. Thereafter, choose the Select option to add the image to the widget.

Add A Banner To The Wordpress Site 4

Next, you can customize your image banner in your own way with a wide range of options such as changing alignment, inserting a direct link, and more in the navigation menu over the images. At the image bottom, you can see the Add Caption option where you are able to adjust the text fonts, add links, and so on.

Add A Banner To The Wordpress Site 5

Thereafter, let’s move to the front-end and check what your banner looks like!

Add A Banner To The Wordpress Site

Method 2: Add a Banner to the WordPress Site by using a Plugin

This method requires you to install and activate Simple Banner, one of the Must-have WordPress Banner Plugins. If you don’t know the way of this process, let’s visit our detailed instructions at How To Install A WordPress Plugin For Beginners.

Upon activation, from the Admin Dashboard –> Simple Banner. In the Simple Banner Settings, you can create your own new banner by selecting and entering banner text, custom CSS, and other elements to make your banner become perfect.

Add A Banner To The Wordpress Site

Finally, don’t forget to click on the Save button to save your changes.


To end up, we hope that this article can give you simple-to-understand instructions for embedding a banner into your WordPress sites. If you get into any trouble, let us know in the box below.

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