Have you ever wondered if there is a way to change the font color on your entire website or just a word, a phrase, or a post? If you are looking for a method to do that, today’s blog is definitely for you.
Actually, there are many reasons to change the color of text, post, or page. These can be the main ideas or keywords you want to emphasize. Or simply, you just want to distinguish the color of the titles and subtitles so that readers can easily visualize the post format.
In case if you want to edit text color all over your website, this is totally doable. It helps you clearly show the subject or contrast with the web background you want.
Whatever the reason, in this article we will help you to do it easily and smoothly. Let’s follow the 3 ways below now!

The ways to change the text color in WordPress

Utilizing the Visual Editor

  • Altering the text color of a block

If you desire to change the text color of the whole block, let’s go to the post you want to implement or create a new one. After that, you simply need to click to generate a new block, a lot of customizable options will appear on the right of the screen.

Now, you can see the Color option. Let’s press on it to expand the tab, then there will be many colors for you to choose and custom. So, you are able to edit the text color, background color, and link color.

If you don’t like the default color, you just need to click on Custom color to open the color picker. This is where you can freely select the color manually without any trouble.

In case you don’t want to use the color you selected and hope to go back to the default text color, let’s press on Clear button.

Change The Text Color 1

In case you just want to change the color of one or some words in a text, let’s follow the simple steps.

All you need to do is highlight the words you want to change, then click on the A icon to open the color tab. Thus, you can easily choose the color you want.

Change The Text Color 2

Don’t forget to save all your settings by pressing on Publish/ Update button.

  • Altering the font color by using Classic Editor

If you are using Classic Editor that is one of the most popular WordPress Editor Plugins, everything will become simpler and easier.

All you need to do is create a new post or choose an existing one you need to alter the text or word color. After that, let’s select the whole text or some words you want to change color. Then, click on Toolbar Toggle or press key combination Shift + Alt + Z to open the color picker.

Now, there will be a lot of colors for you to set for your whole text or words/phrases you want.

Don’t forget to press Publish/Update button to save all your changes.

Change The Text Color 3

Using the Theme Customizer

If you are looking for a useful way to alter the text color of the whole website, let’s do it by using the Theme Customizer.

On the market, there are many themes that contain the Typography feature. If the theme you are utilizing comes with this feature, you just need to go to Appearance -> Customize.

After that, let’s find and click on the Typography option or an equivalent one.

Change The Text Color 4

In the next step, there will be a lot of settings for you to change the text posts or pages. Now, all you need to do is choose the Body section.

Change The Text Color 5

After clicking on the Body section, let’s scroll down. So, you will see the Font Color option at the bottom left of the screen. Then, press on Select Color button to choose the color you want.

In the image below, we have chosen the green color for all posts and pages. Thus, you can see all the text posts turn green.

Change The Text Color 6

Besides that, you are also able to alter the color for headings in the same way.

Last but not least, don’t forget to save all your settings by clicking on Publish button.

Adding CSS Code

In case your theme doesn’t contain typography or similar options to alter the color of text, let’s move on to the third way: adding CSS code.

In order to do this, on the admin dashboard, let’s access Appearance -> Customizer. Then, find and open the Additional CSS tab.

Change The Text Color 7

Now, you simply need to copy the following code and paste it into the box:

p { color:#990000; }

You can change the color by editing the 6 numbers of the hex code.

Change The Text Color 8

Moreover, if you wish to alter the color of headings of your posts, let’s add this code below:

h2 { color:#990000; }

Don’t forget to customize the hex code to whatever color you like.

Finally, let’s save all your settings with Publish button.


To sum up, with the desire to help you alter the color of the text posts or pages, we hope that the blog today is useful for you. It will be wonderful if you share the blog with those who need it. In addition, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below if you have anything to ask. Furthermore, don’t miss many great and Free WordPress Themes if you have an intention to change your current theme into a new one. Thanks for reading.

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