Employer Configurations

This Employer Configurations section includes all the configurations relating to employer role in JS Jobs, what they can and cant do will be listed here..


  • Enable Employer Area: deciding front end employer area will be accessible or not. If it’s disabled, there’s no one be able to access employer area
  • Allow user to register as Employer: setting users can register as employer or not.
  • Employer can view Job Seeker Area: setting employer căn view Job Seeker Area or not.
  • Enable Gold Family/ Featured Company: controls the visibility of adding to gold company button/ featured company button on my companies and company listings.
  • Enable Gold Job/ Featured Job: controls the visibility of adding to gold job/ featured job button on my jobs and admin listings.
  • Company logo maximum size: controls maximum size allowed for company logo, if logo size exceeds maximum figure, system won’t upload it.
  • Show Resume Contact Detail: charging users for viewing contact detail of a company or not. (Effecting on Credits System)
  • Kinds of Auto Approve: controls whether something will be approved or pending (having to wait allowance from Admin)
  • Show Login-Logout Button: controls visibility of login logout button on Employer control panel.
  • Show Count in Resume by Categories: controls visibility of the amount of resume per category in jobs by layout.


Job Posting Options

  • Visitor can post job: controls visitor can post job or not
  • Allow edit job: allow visitor to edit job or not. If yes, visitors can edit their post by using link that they got in email for new job.
  • Show Captcha: to ask visitor to fill captcha on form job or not.

Visitors can view Employer

  • Resume search: Admin can enable or disable resume search for visitor. They will receive a message when opening resume search.
  • View Resume: Admin can enable or disable it. Visitor will got an message when they open view resume.
  • Resume by Categories: Admin can enable or disable resume by categories for visitor. When visitors open resume by categories , they will got a message.

Thank you for reading! If you have any question, please feel free to let us know by leaving comment below or through Contact Form, we will answer as soon as possible!


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