Job Seeker Configurations:


  • Enable Gold Resume: controls the visibility of adding to gold resume button on my resumes admin resume listings
  • Enable Featured Resume: controls the visibility of adding to featured resume button on my resumes admin resume listings
  • Show Company Contact Detail: deciding to charge users for viewing contact detail of a company or not (having influence on Credits System only)
  • Show Apply Button: controls the visibility of apply now button on job listing and job detail both pop up and layout
  • Apply now Redirect Link: when it’s occupied, users will be redirected to given link which they click on Apply now button.
  • Show Applied Resume Status: controls the visibility of resume status you applied in my applied jobs listing and applied resume box on job seeker control panel
  • Show Count in Jobs by Categories Page/ Types Page: controls the visibility of number of jobs per category/type in jobs by categories layout.
  • Resume/ Gold/ Featured Resume Auto Approve: deciding new resume/ gold resume/ featured resume will be approved or pending (from admin)
  • Job Alert For Visitor: allow visitor to subscribe job alert or not.
  • Job Short List: controls if user can shortlist jobs or not, if you disable it, it will hide job shortlist button from job listing.
  • Job Alert Auto Approve: control whether new job alert will be approved or pending (need to have approval from admin)
  • Tell A Friend: allow user can share a job by email or not, if you disable it, it will hide this button from job listing.
  • Show Login Logout button: controls the visibility of login and logout button on job seeker control panel.


  • Document File Extensions: list of file extensions is separated by a comma. It’s allowed to be uploaded as resume files.
  • Resume File Maximum Size: system will not upload resume files if its file size exceeds maximum file size allowed.
  • Number of Files for Resume: controls how many files can be attached with a resume
  • Resume Photo Maximum Size: if photo size exceeds maximum photo size system will not upload that.
  • Number of Employers Allowed: deciding how many employers can be added into a resume’s employers.
  • Number of Institutes Allowed: deciding how many institutes can be added into a resume’s institutes section.
  • Number of Languages Allowed: deciding how many language can be added into a resume’s languages
  • Number of References/ Address Allowed: deciding how many references/ addresses can be added into a resume’s references/ addresses.

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