Job Seeker Configurations (continued)


  • Visitor Can Apply to Job: deciding visitor can apply on job or not. If visitor is allowed to apply for a job, he/she need to fill resume form using which he will apply for it.
  • Visitor Can Add Resume: controls if visitor can add new resume or not.
  • Show Login Message to Visitor: if you enable it and visitor clicks on “Apply now” button, this configuration will make a decision to redirect to “form resume” , show popup with options to job “Apply as visitor” OR “Login JS Jobs”.
  • Show Captcha on Resume Form: deciding to ask visitor to fill captcha on form resume or not.
  • Show Captcha On Job Alert Form: deciding to ask visitor to fill captcha on form Job Alert or not.


  • Control Panel: Admin has right to enable or disable control panel for visitor. When visitors open control panel, they will receive a message.
  • View Company: Admin has right to enable or disable view company for visitor, they will receive a message if opening view company.
  • View Job/ Newst Job/ Search Job/ Job Search Result: as above, admin has right to enable or disable these sections, and visitors will receive a message if they open these sections.


  • Allow Save Search: allow job seeker to save job search criteria or not.


  • Applied Resume Notification: deciding to send email to job seeker whenever his applied resume status is changed.


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