The VirtueMart Search Module has several settings you can customize. Adjusting the attributes described below will help transform the ordinary search module from standard to unique. A customized VirtueMart search module can also make it easier for your customers to find products within your e-commerce store.

To customize the VirtueMart Search Module:

Step 1: Log into your Joomla Administrator Dashboard

Step 2: In the top menu, hover over Extensions and then click Module Manager

Step 3: Type VM into the filter box, and then click Search.


Step 4: In the results, click VM – Search in Shop.

Below, we have outlined each group of settings you can customize and how you can make them different:



Basic Options:


Step 5: After you are done customizing your VirtueMart search module, click the Save button in the top right menu. Visit your VirtueMart store and test out your new search module!

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