Working remotely offers several perks, such as more flexibility and no more need to commute. It also comes with challenges, such as the distractions of children, animals, etc. Some people find they are more productive when working remotely. Employers find that productivity can increase when individuals work remotely. Other remote workers can battle to set boundaries and find they are less productive. Here are seven ways to boost your productivity when working remotely.

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Automate simple tasks

When you work remotely, several simple tasks take up time daily. Automating these tasks will make you more productive. You can automate data backup, invoicing, updating contact information, and sorting emails.

There are various automation tools you can use. Automation tools can help you to set up email rules and organize them based on priority or task. An integration tool or a dashboard allows you to connect some of your most-used work apps to do more in less time. You must constantly download and delete programs from your device when working remotely. There are several options, but the easiest way is to use special applications. Also, if you notice that your device is slowing down, such applications will help to fix it.

Develop meaningful habits

If you must convince yourself every morning to open your laptop, you must reconsider your habits. Developing meaningful habits can make you more productive. They can have an impact on your willpower. You will likely face burnout if you don’t have good habits to carry you through the day. Some healthy, worthwhile habits include:

  • Start and finish work at a set time every day.
  • Begin the day with a healthy breakfast.
  • Exercise every day. Even a walk around the block can refresh you physically and mentally.
  • Take set breaks to recharge throughout the day.
  • Leave your desk to eat meals.
  • Only check emails at fixed intervals.
  • Go to bed at a regular time every night.

Use AI in your workflow

While AI can replace human workers through automation, jobs created by AI can offer new opportunities. Rather than replacing humans, AI can be a tool to enhance human capabilities. Today there are many AI tools you can use in your workflow.

  • AI-based collaboration tools allow you to have real-time interactions. You can collaborate on projects and share documents. This allows you to work as part of a team despite physical distances.
  • An AI writing assistant can help you write emails, reports, and more.
  • AI-powered analytic systems can help you to analyze data, identify patterns, and gain insights. This means you can streamline your workflow and make more informed decisions.

Create a focused environment

To be productive when working remotely, you must create a dedicated workspace. If you have a dedicated workspace, your brain can identify when it’s time for you to work. It’s hard to get work done if you work in the same area as you eat, relax or socialize.

Set clear boundaries and communicate that you should not be interrupted when you’re in your designated work space. If you have the budget and space, it is worth having a separate room as a home office where you can close the door.

Systematize your to-do List

When your to-do list keeps growing, you can feel discouraged. It can also be challenging if you have sticky notes on your cell phone and notes on your desk. Firstly, you should consolidate all your tasks in one place.

You can find tools that help you to do this. A tool like Trello can help you to add all the details of tasks, create due dates, and set your priorities. As tasks come in, you immediately add them to the list. A system will help you get more done and boost your business productivity.

Develop a routine

Developing a routine can help you to be more productive. You don’t have to keep to the same routine you had when working in an office, but you still need a routine.

Give yourself enough time to get dressed and have breakfast before you start the day. Just because you work remotely doesn’t mean you should leave it to the last minute to hop straight out of bed and start working. Project tracking software can help you decide what tasks are most important for the day.

Use the right equipment

Employers will usually provide laptops and IT equipment. You may have to modernize your IT infra if you are an employer with remote workers. You will need Wi-Fi that suits your needs. You need high-speed internet if your job requires constant internet access and uses plenty of digital media. Noise-canceling headphones with a good mic could prevent distractions and help with video calls. Whether it’s an ergonomic chair or an extra monitor, ensure remote working is a comfortable experience.

It is also important to use useful tools. Planning apps (like ClickUp), and cloud storage tools like Dropbox (or Dropbox alternatives).


Working remotely can be effective if you take each day at a time and use the above ways to boost your productivity. You don’t have to perfect all these areas at once but work on one at a time. Before long, you will find that your workflow is more seamless, and you get more done.

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