Now, creating a forum and displaying it on your site is not a difficult and complicated issue with the help of Joomla Forum Extensions. Let’s check them out!

Why should you use Joomla Forum Extension?

In order to enhance user engagement as well as create a community around your site, installing a Joomla Forum Extension is a perfect solution. In this article, we helped you list the top best Joomla Forum extensions that you can choose to insert a community section for your site. Let’s start now!

Top Joomla Forum Extensions

CjForum [Paid Download]


CjForum is a powerful Joomla Forum Extension that allows you to create effective discussion forums that include a lot of beautiful user interface, full features set as well as many social features. Moreover, this extension also gives you the ability to show the top user ranking and motivate them to join in the discussion.

Provided features:

  • Social Sharing
  • Email subscriptions
  • Multiple Listings
  • Advanced Search
  • Profile System
  • Personal Messaging
  • Leaderboard
  • And more


  • A nice working forum
  • Excellent support
  •  Good functionality

ChronoForums [Free Download]


ChronoForums is a nice Joomla Forum Component that adapts almost your needs. Thanks to this, you can reply to the posts by sending notification emails. Moreover, this allows you to drop spammers and topics in an easy way. It also contains many other features such as Users voting and a reputation system, Posts attachments and so on.

Provided features:

  • Private messages
  • Simple data migration tool
  • Nested forums support
  • Notification emails.
  • Themes/Styles support
  • Strong moderation tools
  • Advanced search by relevance
  • Rich text editor


  • Simple setup
  • Works very well
  • Easy to manage categories

 Kunena [Free Download]


This is one of the most popular Joomla Forum Extension that has over 8 million users for 9 years. Here is a perfect choice for who want to have true open sour, public self-help forums, GitHub as well as documentation Wiki.

Provided features:

  • Community-driven
  • True open source
  • Public self-help forums
  • GitHub
  • Documentation Wiki


  • Very useful forum
  • Good functionality
  • The best forum for Joomla

Jfusion Forum and Category [Free Download]

Jfusion Forum And Category

This extension enables you to send notification messages for your customers. The notification messages are updated in your Joomla site automatically and admins need to choose the Jfusion plugin and item ID in order to display forum notification.

Provided features:

  • Forum Directory Name
  • Menu Item
  • Enable Messages
  • JFusion Plugin
  • Menu Item
  • Enable Notifications

Jfusion Forum Topic [Paid Download]

Jfusion Forum Topic

This Joomla Forum Extension is completely compatible with the Jfusion library. Thanks to this, you can show the forum post in the front end with three different common categories that according to set kind popular, latest or random.

Provided features:

  • Add the number of posts
  • Show posts in three tabs
  • Reload data by clicking on the reload button
  • Display respective posts

Jfusion Forum Posts [Paid Download]

Jfusion Forum Posts

Jfusion Forum Posts is a Joomla Extension that you can use to show any forum post in a particular time that you chose. Moreover, this extension also includes a detail description that gives you a clear understanding of the function as well as usage of this extension.

Provided features:

  • Display all the posts of the forum
  • Select time to display at the front end
  • Showtime in drop down
  • Select and search result display

 Dispute [Paid Download]

Here is a Joomla Forum Component that you can use to link each node individually as well as moderate with the author notification optionally on the changed state. in addition, this extension also exports or import it in XML or OpenXML.

Provided features:

  • Source for further textual elaboration
  • Each node can be individually linked to
  • Documentation tool
  • Single Dispute or hierarchically structured Dispute poll
  • Application Help system


All things considered, don’t miss a good chance to increase site traffic by building a forum on your site. With the support of Joomla Forum Extension, everything becomes easier and more effective. So, let’s choose the most suitable one for your site. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. And if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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