It’s time for you to come and choose the most effective Joomla Mass Content Extension for your site! We will list them based on the review and ratings of many Joomla users, so you can feel secure when choose them for your site. Let’s start now!

Why do you need a good Joomla Mass Content Extension?

As a blogger, you absolutely need a tool to help you edit with the content of your article. Thanks to this, you can enhance your article and draw a lot of attention from visitors. Understanding your need, today, in this article, we provide you top best Joomla Mass Content Extension and hope that you can choose the best one!

Top Joomla Mass Content Extensions

OSContent [Free Download]


This Joomla Mass Content Extension is very effective and time-saver. It allows you to control, insert or remove your articles, menu links as well as categories. Moreover, thanks to this, you can also insert content to your Joomla site in an extremely easy way.

Provided features:

  • Create and delete articles in bulk
  • Create up to 10 articles in a row
  • Add content to a Joomla site
  • Create all the categories
  • Optionally link each category to a menu


  • Nifty little extension
  • Great application
  • Big Time-Saver

Dummy Content [Free Download]

Dummy Content

Here is a Joomla Content Editor that allows you to put any random dummy text to your article. It also includes many edit tools such as 3rd party content, Custom HTML Modules, category descriptions and so on. In addition, using this extension, you can build a new site and fill your content with several dummy text.

Provided features:

  • Pretty labor intensive
  • Place random dummy text
  • Custom HTML Modules
  • Category descriptions
  • 3rd party content


  • Excellent tool
  • Perfect extension
  • A great time saver

Asikart QuickContent Generator [Free Download]

Asikart Quickcontent Generator

Asikart QuickContent Generator helps you to create content and menus for your site very quickly. You can also have an ability to select “Category list” or “Blog” as a menu view kind and then set the menu params which were created. It is necessary for you to backup first before creating content in your active site.

Provided features:

  • Use < ul > tag to generate multi-level content.
  • Auto translate alias by Google Translate API.
  • Restore the latest generated content.
  • Clear whole site content.
  • Save every list to the manager or restore content.


  • Great importer tool
  • Increase efficiency
  • Work well

Content Fake [Free Download]

Content Fake

Here is a powerful Joomla Mass Content Editor that enables you to create any many items in an easy and quick way. In addition, it also gives you an ability to generate a total texts site “LOREM IPSUM” as well as pictures. After that, you can replace the finished structure with the final texts.

Provided features:

  • SEF support
  • Moby Dick
  • Don Quixote
  • Generation of images
  • Customize sizes
  • Erlebnisse einsamer Menschen

 NetSukii [Paid Download]


NetSukii enables you to get loads of considerable content on your website. Thanks to this, you can also grab content remotely which comes from any source on the Internet. Moreover, full control of your site allows you to customize the import configuration for every URL.

Provided features:

  • Lifetime updates
  • Scan, spider, and import
  • Support for all charsets
  • Powerful inbuilt HTML clean up
  • Certified for Joomla 2.5 & 3
  • Full control
  • Lifetime updates
  • Select additional article parameters


  • Just great
  • Great extension
  • Well documented

 CatImplode [Paid Download]


CatImplode enables you to show every article in a com_content category like a listed article. Moreover, it gives you an ability to enhance the API documentation’s manageability as well as your users are able to select to see a particular section.

Provided features:

  • Auto creation of a Table of Contents
  • Add custom markup
  • Inclusion of basic microdata
  • Auto creation of named anchors
  • Choose to view a specific section
  • Increase the manageability of API documentation
 Geek Youtube - Joomla Mass Content Extension
This Joomla Extension allows you to research and import the resources which are from YouTube to your site as an article. This extension also includes many supports ajax-based workflow and professional import pages. In addition, you are able to use this extension to insert embed code for video as well as import content for your site.
Provided features:
  • Add information of update server
  • Select “Video Upload Date” or “Current Date”
  • Add embed code for video player
  • Advanced import page
  • Import items on the same screen
  • Search and import resources


To sum up, we have already offered you some basic and vital information about the most outstanding Joomla mass content extensions so that you can conveniently get the most reasonable one for your Joomla website. If you have more suggestions or ideas, don’t hesitate to show them by leaving your comment in the box below.

Last but not least, don’t forget to visit our website and explore the collection of many high-quality Joomla 4 Templates. Thank you and hope you enjoy it.

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